Thursday, January 19, 1967

Fred Burns, Jr., says it is an exciting trip to travel up the mountain on the Cass railroad bed in a truck, also mighty cold on the mountain. His father, Fred, Sr., is there every day keeping the trucks moving. Burns Motor Freight is hauling the rock ballast for the road bed. Eighteen trucks make steady trips from Mill Point. It takes about four hours for the round trip; it gets longer, of course, the farther up the mountain they go. It will take 13,000 tons of rock. They lack about four miles now. The trucks are going by the Gum farm and right up the railroad bed.
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From 4:00 Friday to 4:00 Saturday, the Marlinton West Virginia Pulp and Paper Yard unloaded 41 trucks, bought 603,140 pounds of wood, and paid $1,558.14 in checks in this one day period. That’s almost six carloads of wood and is undoubtedly their busiest 24 hours.


Friday afternoon two young boys lost their lives by drowning in one of the settling ponds at the Tannery.

Harry Walker, Jr. 6, and Dennis Hoke, 4, apparently walked across the ice from the lower corner of the pond, falling through where the drain from another pond evidently warmed the ice. They had either crawled under a hole in the fence or gone around the end of the fence at the river. Brothers of each of the boys were with them. The Hoke brother ran crying and got his mother, and neighbors called tannery workers, the emergency crew and others. The Walker boy was found first but to no avail, and it took longer to find the other lad.


Last Wednesday night the home of Nettie Reed caught fire around the flue with fire in the attic. Firemen were able to control it and saved the house.

Early Friday morning the Fire Department was called to Droop to the home of Wheeler Pritt. The end of the house caught fire from a short circuit on an electric tape.

Senior Play

The senior class of Marlinton High School will present their play, The Cinderella Complex, Saturday night at 8 p.m. in the MHS Auditorium.

This is not merely another Cinderella play. True, we have poor, noble Cinderella in her torn black dress, cleaning the grate; the stepmother and step-sisters in lovely gowns, etc. But there the similarity ends.

Cinderella, the killjoy, is resentful of her father’s remarriage. She is a spoiled girl who succeeds in giving her stepmother and stepsisters a rough time. When her kindly stepmother begs her to put on her pretty new clothes and her stepsisters tell her they have a date for her for the ball, she whines, “You know I can’t. The work won’t do itself.” But she’s on hand when the stepsister’s handsome beau appears and soon has him “indignant that she is forced to stay home and work.

At the ball we see Cinderella capture the vain and haughty Prince. The trying on of the slipper scene is full of humor and a real climax. Now, Cinderella can really snub her family! As she sails off with the Prince, she warns them they won’t be welcome at the palace – as if they cared!

The cast is as follows: Cinderella – Cindy Faulknier; Sir James Wilfer – Bill Graham; Lily Lady Laughingtower – Kay Landis; Pamela – Carole Ann Stemple; Diana – Helen Dunbrack; Humpleby – Inez Boggs; Flora – Janice Dunbrack; The Prince – John Roy; The Herald – Timmy Thomas; Bill Whitty – George Meadows; Dame Eve – Sharon Shrader Hudson; Lady Carport – Judy Weatherholt; Dame Lilith – L. J. McElwee; Lord Scone – John Waugh; Lady Scone, Eilene Kelly; Elspeth – Ellen Schoolcraft; Derek Banster – John Jett; Mildred – Martha Smith; Hugh Sacony – Timmy Thomas; Jim Carven – Lee Bennett; Girls on TV ad – Delores Friel and Ellen Schoolcraft.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Moore, Jr., of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, a daughter named Stephanie Ann. The mother is the former Jane Shinaberry.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Pryor, of Waynesboro, Virginia, a daughter, named Leslie Jeanne.


Dennis James Hoke, age 4, of Marlinton; a son of Donald and June McMillion Hoke. Burial in Morningside Cemetery at Renick.

Harry Robert Walker, Jr., age 6, of Marlinton, a son of Harry R. Walker, Sr., and Helen J. Walker. Burial in the Brownsburg Cemetery.

Mrs. Izetta Mary Nelson, 69, of Cass; a daughter of the late Andrew David and Pauline Geiger Sheets, Burial in the Bethel Cemetery at Back Mountain near Durbin.

Dennis Keith Small, 18, of Enola, Pennsylvania; born at Spice Run, a son of James W. and the late Sadie Small. Burial in the Stone Church Cemetery in Enola.

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