November 3, 1966

M.H.S. News
Keeping with their motto, “GRIND GREEN BANK,” the Copperheads took their 1966 Homecoming game by a thrilling 26 – 14 victory over their county rivals, the Green Bank Golden Eagles.
At the half-time performance presented by the band, the 1966 Homecoming Queen, Pam Dilley, was crowned by Marlinton High School’s principal, Mr. H. A. Yeager. This was Mr. Yeager’s 26th crowning of the Marlinton Homecoming Queens. Miss Dilley, escorted by Bill Graham, was attended by a court of six attendants. The Senior class was represented by Miss Karen Peacock, escorted by Timmy Thomas. The Junior class was represented by Miss Joan Eye, escorted by Steve Jack. The Sophomore class was represented by Miss Gloria McComb, escorted by Bucky Clark. The Freshman class was represented by Miss Rose Ellen Waugh, escorted by Doug Morrison. The eighth grade was represented by Miss Lillian Barb, escorted by Robert Cornelius. The 7th grade was represented by Miss Diana Wilfong, escorted by Russell Arbogast.
Approximately 200 alumni registered at the Marlinton Homecoming last Friday, with probably many more there. Mrs. Alice McClintic Moore, class of 1921, was the earliest class registered.

Boys and Girls in Service
Army Corporal John E. Patterson, 20, son of Mrs. Audrey L. Patterson, of Green Bank, just arrived in Viet Nam with the main elements of the 4th Infantry Division…
Construction Apprentice Joseph E. Shafer, USN, son of Mrs. Mary V. Shafer, of Marlinton, is serving with the U. S. Mobile Construction Battalion Six, deployed in Viet Nam.
Seaman Recruit Donald E. McCoy, 19, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert H. McCoy, of Beard, has been graduated from nine weeks of Navy basic training at the Naval Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois.

Political Ad
The W. E. (Tweard)
Blackhurst We Know
The Teacher:
If you were in Cass any Sunday morning at ten o’clock, you would see Tweard Blackhurst making his way toward the church to teach the adult Bible class before he boards the Cass Train. On many occasions, when a local pulpit has been vacant, he has taken his text and preached a thought-provoking sermon.
Until his retirement, three years ago, he was a teacher of English and Latin in Green Bank High School for 32 years.
The Writer:
Three books, “Riders of the Flood,” “Sawdust in Your Eyes,” and “Of Men and a Mighty Mountain,” and numerous newspaper and magazine articles are the product of his pen – and there is more to come.
Tweard finished the 8th grade at Cass, then went to work on the sawmill for eight years. He returned to school and finished high school and college. His work on the mill and his life in Cass, along with his keen mind and observing eye, have made it possible for him to record much about the lumbering industry that probably would have been lost forever.
The Commentator:
Tweard makes the Cass Train ride something special. Hundreds of tourists return from the trip who never saw or heard of him before, and say: “Isn’t that man on the train wonderful?”
And speaking of commenting, he goes to Lewisburg on November the 7th to speak to the Lewisburg Rotary Club – they like him so much when he was there last year, he’s invited back.
He travels a great deal speaking to Women’s Clubs, Garden Clubs, Historical Societies, Bird Clubs, Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, and Wildlife groups – sometimes for a small fee, but more often than not for FREE.
The Nature Lover:
He has always been an outdoorsman. He hunts and fishes, but frequently goes to the woods, no gun in hand, to observe and commune. Hence, he is a walking encyclopedia on the subject of West Virginia wildlife.
The Politician:
By his own admission, in this statement of policy, he is not a politician. However, he is intently interested in good government.
No one who ever ran for a public office in Pocahontas is better qualified to perform the duties of the office than he.
He is capable.
He is honest.
He is fair
He is charitable.
He is personable
He is religious
He has the time.
He is a good speaker
He can step on any platform, any time, anywhere, on any occasion, and speak with the best of them.
Where could Pocahontas ever find another like him?
Paid for by the Young Republican Club
Theodore Moore, Pres.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jimenez, of Mountain View, California, a daughter, named Diana Jean. Great-great-grandmother is Mrs. Effie Beverage.
Born to Dr. and Mrs. S. Allan Ruckman, of Salt Lake City, Utah, a son, named Stuart Andrew. Dr. Ruckman is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Denny Ruckman, of Hillsboro.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. harry Gum, Jr., of Cass a daughter, named Lorie Ann. The mother is the former Bonnie Foe.
Mrs. Josie Virginia Bailor, 83, of Durbin; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Bennett Harvey McNeil, 74, of Monterey, Virginia; born in Buckeye, a son of the late Charlie and Mahalia Moran McNeil. Burial in the Monterey Cemetery.
Harmon Warwick Buzzard, 61, of Mountain Grove, Virginia; a son of the late Robert A. and Betty Kelley Buzzard. Burial in the Mountain Grove Cemetery.

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