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Thursday, June 2, 1966

Another Bear
A bear came within 70 yards of the buildings at the home of Mrs. John Kramer on the head of Stamping Creek, right under High Rocks, and killed her pet ewe in a pen. Wednesday he came back for a second sheep and a call went for Argile Arbogast and his bear dogs.
The dogs soon had the bear moving and treed him after a chase of two and a half or three miles in the high edge of Blue Lick. Clarence Carpenter killed him with a 30.06. At least six years old, the bear weighed 235 pounds, and had good, big feet.
In the hunt besides Carpenter and Arbogast were Arthur Friel, Bill Ruckman, Arthur Player, of Raleigh, North Carolina, Larry Arbogast, Mont Copenhaver and Billy Cackley.

Last Thursday Dewey Sharp killed two rattlers, both 37 inches long, one with 13 rattlers and the other with seven. He killed them close to Thorny Creek at a sawdust pile where a good many rattlers have been killed. Coming up to them, all coiled and writhing, he thought he was in Africa. Leveling his Hornet at them, he shot two and a third one got away.

Our Servicemen
and Women
Petty Officer Steven J. Lane, USN, left Norfolk, Virginia, June 1st aboard the USS O’Hara, a destroyer, enroute to Viet Nam. They will be there seven months. Steven is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Lane, of Marlinton, and a 1960 graduate of Marlinton High School.
Bobby McComb will leave Thursday for Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he will enter Airline Pilot School and get his flying hours for a commercial pilot’s license. He already has about 60 flying hours. He will enter college in the fall.

Cub Scouts
The Cub Scouts, Den 2, attended Memorial Services at Mountain View Cemetery on Monday. The scouts had made paper carnations, attached to pine, at their regular meeting. The scouts placed each at the white crosses during the services. Those attending were: Kenneth Brown, James Calhoun, Terry Nelson, DeLayne Rhea, DeWayne Rhea, Eddie Simmons and John Wilfong. The boys were accompanied by their Den Mothers, Mrs. Forrest Rhea and Mrs. Charles Calhoun.

Mrs. and Mrs. Randolph Reynolds, of Marlinton, wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Linda Diane, to Jarrell Lee Clifton, son of Mrs. Loy Sharp, of Marlinton, and Jarrell B. Clifton, of Barberton, Ohio.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Max Alderman, of Minnehaha Springs, a daughter named Lisa Lea.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gay in Kampala Uganda, East Africa, a son, named Brian Russell.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sharp, of Alexandria, Virginia, a daughter.

Phyllis Sturgell, three-day-old twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sturgell, of Frankford. Burial in the Sharp Cemetery at Mill Point.
Lila Fay Starks, 16, of Droop, a daughter of C.C. Starks, and Snowden and Gladys Kershner. Burial in the Sunset Cemetery.
Lawrence (Larry) Hevener Davis, 18, of Marlinton, a son of James Layman and Helen Dilley Davis. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Mrs. Stella Olive McCalpin Ervine, 74, of Cass, a daughter of the late Andrew L. and Anna Virginia Geiger McCalpin. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Mrs. Jessie Ellen Scott Rose, 63, daughter of the late Frank and Alice Mitchell Scott. Burial in the Emmanuel Cemetery.
Rev, Kemp Dudley Swecker, 87, of New Market, Maryland; born at Dunmore, a son of the late Christopher B. and Nebraska d. Jackson Swecker. Graveside service at Dunmore
Rev. John William Pugh, 84, of Boyer, a member of the Church of the Brethren and a minister for 53 years in Pocahontas and Pendleton counties. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
John H. Price, 81, of Speedway, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Roland P. Sharp, at Huntersville. Burial in the Athens Cemetery
Ira P. McCormick, 77, of Union, a son of the late Floyd and Jennie Kessinger McCormick. Burial in the Greenhill Cemetery at Union.

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