Mayor’s Corner

We appreciate the nice comments we’ve received about the hanging baskets on Main Street.
Last August, the Council formed a Beautification Committee.
Sue Helton reported on various ideas for projects. Special meetings were held to decide upon a plan.
Mark Strauss, Don Morrison, Adam Irvine, Norris Long and BJ Gudmundsson all played a part in the plan.
Decorations were selected for winter and summer.
The hanging baskets that went up last week are the culmination of those efforts.
The cost of the winter decorations, the hanging baskets, replacement of wooden planters, repair and painting of street lamp poles, trash receptacles and other improvements were paid for out of Hotel/Motel tax monies.
These improvements have no impact on water or sewer fees.
We planned our work and worked our plan.
Thanks again to the Beautification Committee.
A lot can happen when we agree and work together.

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