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May 12, 1965

Temperatures dropped to 20 Tuesday morning with a little snow flying Monday night. Sunday it was close to 80.
Farmers over Elk have been plagued by bear and last year at least three were killed. Saturday a bear got into R. Kyle Hannah’s sheep, killing at least one, and he called Austin and Duane Sharp to bring their dogs. They let one dog trail the bear from the sheep and when they got close to him about an hour and a half later they turned the others loose. In about thirty minutes the bear was dead, shot by Keith Wooddell and a Mr. Cross from Charleston, who was here ramp hunting and joined all the men in the neighborhood in the hunt. The bear wasn’t treed but ran past the men on a stand on the Linwood road. It was a big male with a tremendous head, about as big as they come these days; hog dressed weight was 285, making it over 300 pounds. They guessed it would have gone close to 400 in the fall. Two toes were missing and they think this bear had been in there for years because the Wooddell boys had trapped a bear a year or so ago, getting only two toes.
Austin Sharp figures there will be more calls because there was a lot of bear sign.

Board News
Mack H. Brooks has resigned as Superintendent of Schools, effective July 1. Mr. Brooks has been Superintendent for 11 years and, before that, Assistant Superintendent for 18 years. His career of 42 years as teacher, principal and superintendent has been in Pocahontas County schools. Mrs. Brooks also resigned as a teacher in the Marlinton Graded School, and Mrs. Ella Riffle resigned as Home Economics teacher at Hillsboro, at the Monday night Board meeting.
Retiring this year are Mrs. Alice McClintic Moore and Guy Bambrick.
Greenbrier Hill and the West Droop schools will be closed next year.

To Be Honored
Pocahontas County has three good bands and three capable, loved and respected band leaders. This year they will be honored at the annual Keep Pocahontas Beautiful Parade on May 14 in Marlinton. In keeping with the tradition of the past 12 years, the Marlinton Woman’s Club will plant dogwood trees in honor of those so selected. Three trees will be planted on the school lawns at Hillsboro, Green Bank and Marlinton in advance of the parade.
James S. (Sam) Brill was born in Marlinton, the son of Mrs. Ira D. (Lura) Brill and the late Mr. Brill. Educated in the public schools of Marlinton, he played in the first Marlinton High School Band under the direction of William Powell.
During World War II, he served in the Army Air Force from 1943 – 45. In 1946 he entered West Virginia University, where he played trumpet in the University Marching Band and the University Community Symphony Orchestra. He received his B.S. Degree in 1950 and his Master’s Degree in 1953. Since 1950 he has been Band Director at Marlinton High School.
His wife is the former Peggy Coleman, from Mount Hope, and they have four children, all girls.
Director of the Green Bank High School Band is Linda Cassell, daughter of Mrs. Nancy Cassell, of Dunmore. A graduate of Green Bank High School, she received her B.A. Degree in Music Education from Marshall University, Huntington, and her M.A. Degree in Applied Music from Eastern New Mexico University at Portales, New Mexico.
She taught public school music for three years in Ross Township school at Hamilton, Ohio, and has been music instructor and band director at Green Bank for the five years. Linda has one daughter, Nancy Mathwich, age 8, in the second grade at Green Bank.
Frances Brill Eskridge was born in Marlinton. She is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Brill, and her mother is the attractive owner of the People’s Store and Supply Company.
Mrs. Eskridge graduated from Marlinton High School, having been an active student. She played forward on the girl’s champion basketball team, played piano in a five-piece jazz band, and took part in many scholastic activities.
Mrs. Eskridge is a graduate of Fairmont Teacher’s College with an A.B. Degree in English and Music. Following college, she taught music in two elementary schools in Fairmont, Butcher and White. The next year, she and her three sisters formed he Brill Sisters Quartet and went to Lake Chautauqua, New York, to study music. Mrs. Eskridge studied both piano and voice and from there the girls went to Philadelphia to further their musical education. In Philadelphia, Mrs. Eskridge taught in a private school, Friend Central School; and she and her sisters sang in many churches and clubs.

M.H.S. News
Thirty-one students of the Chemistry and Physics classes, accompanied by Charles Edward McElwee, visited the Union Carbide plant at South Charleston April 18. The visit included presentation of early history, how the plant operates and the products that are produced.
Stress was placed on the educational requirements necessary for employment. The enjoyable day was ended by a bus tour of the plant. Student on the trip were: Jerry Duncan, Steve Jackson, Lee Anderson, Aaron Wyatt, Peggy Beverage, Marie Kelley, Harriet Johnson, Alice Kelley, Virginia Miller, Brenda Friel, Lura June McElwee, Judy Thomas, Nancy Diller, Karen Peacock, Saundra Bowling, Sharon Shrader, Kenneth Nottingham, John Dean, Dolan Irvine, Joe Sharp, Mike McMann, Sherwood Friel, Dale Hollandsworth, Danny Wyatt, Johnny Jett and Bobby McComb.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Duane Pursley, of Hunters- ville, a son, named Marshall Hayden.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunz, of Marlinton, a son, named Mathew Edward.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cochran, of Hillsboro, a daughter, named Debra Kay.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dean, Jr., of Minnehaha Springs, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Blair Grimes, of Huntersville, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lancosky, of Emporium, Pennsylvania, a son. The mother is the former Jay Galford, of Marlinton.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John G. Shue, of Cockeysville, Maryland, a daughter, named Kathy Lynn.

Ralph Daniel Friel, Jr. 8, of Thorny Creek, after being struck by an automobile on Knapps Creek Road. He was the only son of Daniel and Anna Belle Wilfong Friel. Burial in the Clawson cemetery.
James Omar Kellison, 79, of Droop Mountain, a son of the late Sherman and Martha Kellison. Burial in the Kellison Cemetery.
Pearl Josephine Lambert was killed by a tractor trailer enroute to her home in Baltimore, Marlinton. Born in Boyer, a daughter of the late Dice and Mary Terry. Burial in the Finchman Chapel Cemetery at Adolph.

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