November 11, 1965

Over 200 relatives and friends called at Travelers Repose during the afternoon of September 26, on the occasion of the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Beard…
They were married by Rev. Quinn Burr, and left immediately by buggy for Harrisonburg and other points east.
Upon their return, they settled at Dunlevie, where their house was already built and ready for occupancy.
Mrs. Beard tells the story of how she was brought by her father-in-law by buggy from Green Bank to Travelers Repose to catch the train to Dunlevie. On the train that day were Mr. and Mrs. James Wiley who were going to Dunlevie to open a hotel. Later, the Wileys moved to Bartow, also. Mr. Beard was employed by Dunlevie Lumber Company as store and camp supply clerk and worked there until 1912 when he moved to Travelers Repose, the original of which was built by his great-great-grandfather, John Yeager, Sr…

Four Million
Dollar Banks
Both the Bank of Marlinton and First National Bank topped four million dollars in their current statements.

It was late the second day of the season before Argile Arbogast got a lead on a bear on the South of Cherry but by nine o’clock Wednesday morning, they had a dead bear. The bear – guessed weight 306 pounds – had unusually large feet, much larger than would match his body and among the largest they had ever seen.
P. G. White was credited with the kill but it was a hard chase. The bear treed thee times and two dogs felt the fury of his claws and were pretty badly slashed.
In addition to Arbogast and Mr. White, the party included Omer Kellison, Lee Dean, Elvern Totten, A. H. Jackson, Bill Ruckman, “Sailor”Moore, Mr. Jackson, of Clendenin, Mr. Cochran, of Alderson, Bert McMillion and his brother-in-law Mr. Kerry, of Beckley, and Mr. Taylor, from Virginia.
Omer Kellison will be 80 next September and he tramps the woods, a match for many younger men. He neither smokes nor drinks and sleeps and eats well.

Pastor Honored
The Rev. Sanford Boggs was honored with an anniversary service, after serving his first year as Pastor of the Seebert Circuit, last Sunday at the Pleasant Green Church in Seebert. His brother, Carl, delivered the anniversary sermon.
After the service a fellowship luncheon was held in his honor at the school building. Mrs. Daisy Stewart was chairman of this effort.
Our prayers are that he may have many more successful years.

Green Bank School News
The school had its largest homecoming on Saturday, October 30. One thousand six-hundred fifty-seven people were in attendance. Miss Cassell presented an excellent program with her band previous to the game. The members were dressed in their new uniforms which the Band Mothers Club had been instrumental in raising funds to purchase. The half-time program under the supervision of Miss Cassell and Mrs. Marsh was a very impressive, with the final climax of crowning the queen, Linda Foe, by Superintendent of School, Mack H. Brooks.
The real climax was our winning the football game from our friendly rival, Marlinton High School. Mr. Vance and his squad have done a good job this year. Their season record stands at 8 – 1.
Three hundred nine people attended the Alumni dance from 9 to 12 Saturday night. The members of the senior class were guests. Sam Brill, band director of Marlinton High School, and his orchestra did their usual efficient job of furnishing the music.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Styrl Hively, of Dunmore, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Luther Weatherholt, of Huntersville, a daughter, Sandra Marie.

Grover Cleveland Jackson, 78, of Marlinton, a retired woodsman and a veteran of World War I. Born in Mill Point, the son of the late Charles and Sarah Rose Jackson. Burial in Sharp Cemetery at Slaty Fork.
Mrs. Cecil Rowena McLaughlin, 57, of Huntersville, the daughter of George Cameron and Josie McLaughlin; burial in the McLaughlin Cemetery. Mrs. Texie Nora Slavin, 56, of Durbin; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.
Reuben S. McNeil, 77, of Marlinton; born at Buckeye, a son of the late William C. and Susan Buckley McNeil. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Paul Revere Yeager, 76, of South Boston, Virginia; born May 15, 1889 at Travelers’ Repose, a son of the late Brown McLauren and Harriet Arbogast Yeager. Burial in the Mountain View Cemetery.

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