Thursday, October 24, 1963

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp

Mrs. E. E. White, of Minnehaha Springs, found a spring toad in her yard last week.

Mrs. Melvin Moore found a wooly worm with black at each end and brown in the middle.

Fire Notice

Until sufficient rains come, all woodlands, national, state and private, are closed and all burning whatsoever prohibited.

Pocahontas County has been extremely fortunate that no new fires have occurred this week, but the Elk fire has broken out several times. State and national fire crews have worked diligently.

The home of Fred Mullenax caught fire again Saturday and burned to the ground.

A First

Attorney A. E. Cooper, playing golf with Charles Logan, of Charleston, made a hole in one on the number six hole at the Pocahontas County Club course last week.

Calf Sale

The 29th Annual Marlinton Demonstration Feeder Calf Sale held at the local Co-op Yards last Friday night proved to be quite satisfactory to the consignors and the largest ever conducted.

A total of 1,010 head of calves were processed and sold in the two-day event for a total of $105,993.83 – an average of $104.89 a head.

Of the total calves consigned, 536 were steers that weighed 437 pounds and brought an average of $26.93 per cwt. The 474 heifer calves weighed 401 pounds and went at $22.42 per cwt.


The Hillsboro F.H.A. Club met September 18 and 23 in the Home Economics room. The meeting was called to order by our president, Carolyn Callison.

The program on Parliamentary Procedure was presented by Mary Lee. Those participating in the skit were Julia McLaughlin, Sharon VanReenen, Martha Dunn, Mary Lee and Elizabeth Workman.

The devotions were given by Sharon VanReenen. The scripture was read by Elizabeth Workman. Karen Kerns read the poem, “If Jesus Came to Your House.”

Janet Landis gave a talk on “Program of Work.”

Julia McLaughlin explained how the point system works.

Reports were made by the girls attending camp this summer. The girls giving the reports were Julia McLaughlin, Conservation Camp, Elizabeth McNeel, Phyllis Hill, Leadership Conference, Carolyn Callison, Mary Lee, State F. H. A. Convention.

The new members joining F.H.A. are as follows: Elsie Hill, Linda Lee, Patricia Rose, Dottie Lane, Sharon Fowler, Martha Edgar, Nora Lou McNeel, Monna Thompson, Evelyn Campbell and Roena Galford.

The Chapter Mothers were elected. They are Mrs. Betsy Edgar, Mrs. Lucille McNeel, Mrs. Virginia Callison and Opal Lucille Lee.

Family games followed the night meeting.




Elbert L. Moore, age 58, of St. Albans; burial in Mountain View Cemetery. His wife is the former Mabel Woods.

William Franklin Rexrode, age 62, of Bartow; employed for many years with the Conservation Commission; burial in the Boyer Cemetery.


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