100 Years Ago

Thursday, February 3, 1921

Another week and the planet still plunges through space. Another week and we, us, the writer has to go plunging through space. You have to go with the world, but you need not follow us if you do not want to. If you knew how painful it is to write when you have nothing to write about, you would be more patient with us columnists…

At Morgantown there is a school boy who was required to prepare a theme in school as part of the day’s work, and he acquitted himself with credit, and his work left its impression. He wrote:

“I did not want to write this theme because I did not have anything to write about. But my teacher requires it of me, and it is one of the rules of the school and a part of the course I am taking. Therefore, I comply with the requirement. Having now completed the ten lines that I have to write, I close.”

– – –

Down in Mississippi, they gathered up the wild man and put him in the poor house. He was 72 years of age and said that he had lived in the swamps for thirty-seven years. His wife was with him, a woman of defective mind. Also a child, which appeared to be normal except that it was naked. The old man said that he had caught his wife in a bear trap.

It is this kind of case that Senator Harmer, of Harrison County, wants to provide for…

In the legislature, it is proposed that no person can sue out a marriage license under twenty days. Application is to be made to the clerk of the county court in writing and the petition is to mature for a period of twenty days, whereupon if there is no objection, the clerk will issue the license and the wedding will take place. This seems to be modeled on the old English custom of publishing the banns. On three successive Sunday mornings in church, just after the Second Lesson, the preacher announces the approaching marriage of the blushing couple, and anyone can get up and forbid the banns and the issue is decided. A very touching case lingers in our memory where, on such occasion, a sad looking man arose and forbid the banns, saying sorrowfully: “I’m only her first husband, that is not much, of course, only her first husband, but she ain’t got no divorce.”


We have had the finest winter weather up to the present time that has been known for many years according to the memories of our oldest citizens.

Lanty Gilmore, accompanied by Forest VanReenan, spent Sunday with his aged grandfather at Buckeye.

We are glad to report the child of Jesse Beverage improving under the efficient care of Dr. N. R. Price.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Dunbrack, January 30, 1921, a daughter.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Burgess Dunbrack, January 30, 1921, a daughter.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tyree, January 31, 1921, a daughter.


Notice is hereby given that the County Court of Pocahontas county, West Virginia, will, on the 1st day of March, 1921, at 1 o’clock p.m., at the front door of the Courthouse of Pocahontas county, in the Town of Marlinton, offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder the County Infirmary property, located 1 1/2 miles from the town of Hillsboro, in the Little Levels District, containing 228.3 acres.

This land is a valuable farming and grazing proposition, located in a fine neighborhood, and is rich blue grass land. There are located upon this farm a good dwelling house, two barns and other suitable outbuildings…

POSSESSION: Possession of the farming and grazing land will be given April 1, 1921, and possession of the yard, garden, dwelling house, cottages and all other buildings will be retained by the County until July1, 1921, at which last date full possession of said farm will be given to the purchaser.

By order of the County Court.
S. L. Brown, Clerk

– – –


Samuel Baldwin Hannah was born at Gravel Hill plantation, Charlotte County, Virginia, October 19, 1842. His father’s plantation was near to Red Hill plantation, the old Patrick Henry home, and also near that of John Randolph.

When he was not yet 16 years old, he entered Hampden-Sidney College, where he was a junior when the Civil War broke out. When school closed that spring, he and most of his class volunteered for service and were sent on an expedition out into what is now West Virginia, and were captured. The officers of the forces that took them happened to belong to the same college fraternity, so they were treated well and finally told to go home. He later entered V. M. I. and graduated in the Class of 1863.

In May 1863, when the remains of Stonewall Jackson were brought to Lexington for burial, the officer of the day at V. M. I. was absent and Mr. Hannah commanded the cadets in charge of the burial…

On November 4, 1874, he was married to Lizzie A. Hevener, a daughter of Uriah Hevener, near Arbovale…

Mr. Hannah leaves an enviable record as citizen, soldier, scholar, gentleman and Christian. As a citizen he had the honor of being the long-term member of the first county court of Pocahontas county… As a soldier, he took part in some of the boldest raids, having gone in one close enough to see people on the grounds of the White House. As a scholar, he had the honor of being the first Superintendent of Public Schools in Pocahontas county, besides his record as an active teacher. As a gentleman, he was a model of the “Virginia Gentleman” type of olden days. As a Christian, he has a long and full record. When still a boy, he united with the Presbyterian church at his old home in Charlotte county. Soon after he settled at Arbovale, he was elected an elder in the Liberty Presbyterian church at Greenbank in which capacity he served until his death, which was as long as any elder in this state, save one…


COUNTRY PRODUCE WANTED – I have opened a store next door to the Star Bakery, and I will handle, for cash, your butter, eggs, chickens, etc.
Marlinton, W. Va.
CLEANING, PRESSING, Repairing and Altering work done at reasonable prices. Shop open nights till nine o’clock; Saturday nights till 11 o’clock. Work guaranteed to please. Shop at Lower R. R. Crossing 9th Street.

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