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Country Ham and
Red Eye Gravy
Trim off excess fat and rind of ham slices.
Heat 1 Tbsp. grease in frying pan and cook ham slowly on both sides until tender.
Sprinkle a tsp. of brown sugar over slices, if you’d like.
Transfer ham to a platter. Keep the pan hot.
Add 1/2 cup black coffee to the pan and stir while it boils for one minute.
Pour over ham.
Serve hot.

Hominy Bread
2 cups cooked grits
2 Tbsp. butter (melted)
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs, beaten
2 tsp. salt
Add milk, butter and eggs to warm grits.
Pour into a greased pan.
Bake at 375º for 30 minutes.
Serve hot.
You can also make thin cakes from the batter and fry them on a hot griddle.

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