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We’re farmin’ here

A common summertime sight is traffic behind a tractor on the main road. Be courteous to farmers who are moving machinery from one field or farm to another and be careful when passing. L.D. Bennett photo

Laura Dean Bennett
Staff Writer

Summertime in Pocahontas County may not present as many challenges to drivers as winter’s icy and snowy roads, but there is an increase in the number of tractors and pieces of farm equipment on the highway. 

Pocahontas County Sheriff Jeff Barlow has two words for drivers who find themselves “stuck” behind a tractor traveling slowly on the road:  “patience and caution.”

“Drivers need to slow down and pay attention,” Barlow said. “The operator of a tractor or any farm equipment has the same responsibilities on the road as any vehicle operator and usually they are very careful. But you can never assume that a tractor operator knows you are behind them.

“Don’t tailgate! Three car lengths would be a safe distance. And never pass on a blind turn.

“Most farmers will pull over to let traffic pass as soon as they can find a safe place  to do so, so just be patient,”
Whether it’s summer or winter, if you find yourself going 25 miles per hour behind a tractor,  don’t lose your cool.

Remember, our farmers are just trying to put food on the table.

Be patient, be cautious and be courteous – and maybe give them a smile and a wave as you pass.

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