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Veterans News

Importance of national veterans organizations

It’s important for veterans to be members of national veterans organizations, such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion and Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Veterans didn’t always have health care, disability and educational benefits. In the early 20th Century, veterans joined together and created strong national organizations, that worked hard to obtain benefits from federal and state governments to get those benefits. As difficult as it was for veterans to obtain those benefits, they easily could be lost. Strong national veterans organizations are needed to keep the benefits that we deserve. Please consider signing up with the local group of your choice. For the VFW, call Geoff Hamill at 799-2637. For the Legion and DAV, call Harvey Galford at 572-5133.

No date set for Maxwelton Clinic to re-open

Beckley VA Medical Center Associate Director Allen Moye reported last Friday that there is no date set for the re-opening of the Veteran’s Community Outpatient Clinic in Maxwelton. The clinic has been closed for several months due to odors from adjoining businesses in the Rahall Building and other environmental issues. Moye said the issues in the Rahall Building are being worked on at this time, but there is no estimated date for the clinic re-opening.

Veterans van service now available

A new van service is available now in Pocahontas County for veterans to get transportation to medical appointments. The Veterans Transportation Network, run by the DAV, is now up and running in the county. For information on the new service, call Dana Goins in Lewisburg at 304-647-7500.

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