Varner wins Youth Art Month award

Xenobia Varner
Xenobia Varner

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

As a celebration of Youth Art Month, the West Virginia Art Education Association held a poster contest for high school students. The students were to create a poster depicting “The Power of Art.”

Pocahontas County High School senior Xenobia Varner won first place with her drawing. In the foreground of the drawing is an arm holding a paintbrush in its fist. The arm is covered in colorful tattoos, and the background has an unfinished painting on an easel on one side and a poster on the wall stating “The Power of Art,” on the other.

Varner said she was inspired by what the power of art means to her.

“Art is very revolutionary so I decided to add in the closed fist that you typically see on ‘Viva la Revolution’ posters,” she said. “As for the tattoos, we had to add in the Youth Art Month symbol so I decided, what better way to do that than to show it as a tattoo.”

Varner said it is nice to be recognized for her artistic skills because art is such an important part of her life. It has been an outlet for her, as well as an avenue to help her focus on her studies.

“Art is important in the school system because it gives kids the chance to express themselves so freely,” she said. It’s just an amazing thing. Its helped me get through school. I’ll sit in class and doodle. I still pay attention. Art actually helps your memory. I remember a lot of lessons due to doodling.”

After graduation, Varner plans to pursue degrees in psychology and music, and a minor in art.

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