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Three arrested in burglary, brandishing episode

Police officers responded to two calls May 16 to a lodging facility in the former Naz-arene Church, on Ninth Street in Marlinton.
According to the complaint filed in Pocahontas County Magistrate Court, West Virginia State Trooper D.P. Dillon and Pocahontas County Sheriff Deputies Brian Shinaberry and Trent Heron investigated the first complaint shortly after 7 p.m. At that time occupants of the facility said they feared for their lives, as an individual by the name of Oscar Martinez had a gun, and they believed he had come to the area to kill someone.
Martinez left the location prior to law enforcements’ arrival.
Officers responded to a second call to the residence later that night, which reportedly was made by a person hiding in a closet. It was alleged that Martinez and other men had broken into the residence and began to fight. The caller informed the officers that Martinez had a pistol and had fired it inside the residence.
Martinez was described as having long, brown hair and driving a white van. A man and a vehicle matching the descriptions were seen at the Sunoco Station just north of Marlinton.
Officers initiated a traffic stop and positively identified Martinez, as well as Angel Torres and Banton Pantojas.
The suspects were detained and searched. Officers located several knives on their persons as well as shells for a 380 pistol.
In a search of the van, officers found a pistol with a loaded clip tucked into the pouch behind the front passenger seat.
Officers received statements alleging that Martinez had pointed a gun at multiple people at the Ninth Street residence. Martinez is alleged to have fired the gun inside the residence.
Officers received statements alleging that Torres had also pointed the gun at several people in the facility, while Pantojas is alleged to have been armed with a knife as he guarded the front door, preventing anyone from leaving.
All the parties involved knew each other prior to the incidents.
Martinez, 30, who lists a Durbin address, was charg-ed with burglary, wanton endangerment, conspiracy to commit a felony, and brandishing. Bond was set at $27,000.
Torres, 19, whose address is Bartow, was charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit a felony, and brandishing. His bond was set at $22,000.
Pantojas, 24, who shares an address with Torres, was charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit a felony and brandishing. Bond was set at $22,000.
Trooper Dillon is the lead investigator in this case.

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