The plan and timeline to reopen the state ~ The Comeback

Governor Jim Justice laid out a plan Monday for the reopening of businesses in the state.

It is called “West Virginia Strong – The Comeback” Roadmap

The plan calls for

• Expanded testing capacity
• Increased hospital surge capacity while allowing elective medical procedures to restart this week.
• Ramping up of PPE supplies
• Ramping up of contact tracing capabilities

West Virginians should continue to

• Wear face coverings in public where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain
• Follow statewide Stay at Home Order until lifted
• Follow all county Health Department regulations
• Telework when possible

Opening Criteria

• Three consecutive days maintaining statewide Cumulative Percent of Positive Test Results below 3%. (As of Monday, April 27, West Virginia’s test results were 2.47%, down from a high of 19.4% on April 7.)

Allowing to open, NOT requiring to open

• Hospitals and elective medical procedures
• Outpatient healthcare (working with boards and associations to develop appropriate criteria)
• Primary Care
• Dentistry
• Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy
• Psychological/mental health, etc.
• Testing of Daycare Staff


• Small businesses with fewer than 10 employees
• Professional Services (by appointment only and waiting in vehicle instead of inside)
• Hair and nail salons, barbershops
• Dog grooming
• Outdoor dining at restaurants
• Churches and funerals with limited gathering size – every other pew, physical distancing, face coverings
All businesses adhering to physical distancing, sanitization and face coverings.

WEEK 3 – 6

• Office and government buildings
• Specialty retail stores
• Parks and/or restrooms and facilities at parks
• Gyms, fitness centers, recreational centers
• Dine-in restaurants
• Hotels
• Casinos
• Spas/massage parlors
• Remaining small businesses
Will be announced at least one week prior to reopening.

No timeline for reopening the following

• Nursing home visitation
• Entertainment venues
• Movie theaters
• Sporting events
• Concerts
• Gatherings larger than 25 people

Conditions for reopening to slow, stop or reverse

• An unexpected increase in COVID-19 positive hospitalizations
• Significant outbreaks of community-based transmission (not clusters or outbreaks in nursing home or vulnerable communities)
• This could be on a county by county or regional hotspot basis
• Cumulative percent of positive test results surges above 3%

Going Forward

• Guidance for each business sector will be released in advance
• Limitation on size of gatherings will remain in place until lifted
• Testing data tracked and analyzed daily
• Reopening plan will be modified as necessary

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