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Students excel at county Math Field Day

Fourth through ninth grade students converged on Pocahontas County High School last week to participate in the county Math Field Day event.

Each year, students put their mathematical skills to the test and strive for a chance to compete at the regional math field day competition.

At the awards ceremony for the event, Math coach Joanna Burt-Kinderman, or “BK” to the students, spoke of the importance math plays in every day life.

“I would like to say that I really use my life for mathematics because I know how important it is,” she said. “It’s more important to you than it was to me and it’s more important to me than it was to my parents. Our economy and our world is changing and you’re ticket to be able to do anything you want to do in this world can be grown in the math classroom.”

Burt-Kinderman congratulated all the students for participating in the competition and told them to continue nurturing their mathematical skills.

“You guys were given a talent when you were born,” she said. “Whether or not you develop a true gift is up to you. Those of you that are here today have not only that talent but also that gift and I want to encourage you to continue to use and cultivate it, and push yourselves in a way that your teachers can’t always push you because we’re looking out for everybody. Challenge yourself every day to see how much you can grow.”

Burt-Kinderman thanked the teachers and community members who continue to assist the students to grow their talents. As she announced the winners, Burt-Kinderman was helped by board of education members Emery Grimes, President; Steve Tritapoe and Suzanne Stewart.

Winners are:

Fourth grade: first place, Max O’Ganian, GBEMS; second place, Mason Solliday, GBEMS; third place, Jaryd Friel, MES; first alternate, Haley Spencer, MES; and second alternate, Sam Williams, HES.

Fifth grade: first place, Sarah Warder, MES; second place, Ryan Robertson, MES; third place, Tucker McGee, MES; first alternate, Benjamin Dunz, MES; and second alternate, Ethan Armstrong, HES.

Sixth grade: first place, Hadden Mick, MMS; second place, Virgilio Tejano, MMS; third place, Alan Gibson, MMS; first alternate, Cheylin Woodruff, GBEMS; and second alternate, Odie Leyzorek, MMS.

Seventh grade: first place, Brody Buzzard, MMS; second place, Matthew Moore, MMS; third place, Dalton Hendrick, GBEMS; first alternate, Julie Agee, MMS; and second alternate, Isaac Evans, MMS.

Eighth grade: first place, Colton Massey, MMS; second place, Logan Woodruff, GBEMS; third place, Kayla Sharp, MMS; first alternate, Taylor Tegtmeyer, MMS; and second alternate, Benjamin Davis, MMS.

Ninth grade: first place, Jacob Hise; second place, Briar Wilfong; third place, Mark Jordan; first alternate, Gus Foe; and second alternate, Laura Leyzorek.

Krypto Tournament winners:

Fourth and fifth grade: first place, Allyson Alderman, HES; second place, Mason Solliday, GBEMS; and third place, Ethan Armstrong, HES.

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade: first place, Kayla Sharp, MMS; second place, Alan Gibson, MMS; and third place, Chyelin Woodruff, GBEMS.

Ninth and 12th grade: first place, Mark Jordan; second place, Casey Griffith; and third place, David Rose.

GBEMS sixth grade student Jacob Barkley won the jar of M&Ms for having the closest estimate of how many of the candies were in the jar.

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