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Magistrate Court

According to Magistrate Court records, the following individuals were either arrested or had activity in their cases.

Charles William Bostic, 52, of Hillsboro, appeared in court December 15 on charges of driving under the influence and DUI with a passenger less than 16 years old. Bond was set at $2,500.

In Magistrate Cynthia Broce-Kelley’s court:

Brenda Carr, 56, of Marlinton, pleaded guilty December 9 to a charge of beer sales to customer under the age of 21. She was assessed $215.25 in court costs and fines.

Alexander P. Huppert, 66, of Hillsboro, pleaded guilty December 15 to a charge of incorrectly entering highway from a private drive. He was assessed $190.25 in court costs and fines.

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