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Snowfall quiets even the quietest of nights

Cara Rose,
Executive Director,
Convention and Visitors Bureau

When the glitter of frost blankets the fence post, like a child waits for Santa, we eagerly anticipate the first snowfall in the Alleghenies and the consequence of winter’s repose it delivers. Few can resist reaching out their palms to feel the ever so light sprinkle of falling snowflakes, to capture a single, unique snowflake on the tongue and to build that first snowman, however small.

The hush of the long winter’s night sets upon us with pleasure, and before turning back the quilt to kindle the morning fire, nothing is more quiet than the eloquence of the first snowfall as it wraps its quiet arrival around our fancy before ever catching a glimpse through the frosted window pane.

Snowfall quiets even the quietest of nights,
As winter sets in earnest, the longest night of the year nears, and we all begin dreaming of a white Christmas. The charm of snow is none more powerful than on December twenty fourth as dusk sets in and flurries fly through the air, ensuring Santa’s sleigh will land on the roof tops without fail.

Snowfall quiets even the quietest of nights,
As the once enchanting snow bares down on us night and day, day after day through January and February, our thoughts of snow fairies and snowmen turn to dread, snow plows and cold nights far too many to ever recall the once magical quality it bestowed in our hearts and minds just a few short weeks earlier.

Snowfall quiets even the quietest of nights,
As the long awaited March arrives, even a blizzard cannot turn our thoughts from Mother Nature’s wisdom, that even the snowstorm of the century will not deny the yellow and purple crocus its debut, commanding the last snowfall its annual exodus.

Snowfall quiets even the quietest of nights,
And as the sun rises higher in the sky, the hours of the day extend and the hot dog days of August take hold like a turtle’s bite, inescapably we begin dreaming of that magical moment when the first snowfall of the year brings quiet to the quietest of nights.

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