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Seventy-Five Years Ago

Thursday, November 8, 1945
Our Army and Navy Boys

Wakayama, Honshu, Japan – John Robert Larue, electrician’s mate, second class, of Hillsboro, and John Paul Arbogast, machinist’s mate, second class, Durbin, members of an amphibious task force, put American occupation troops ashore here following the surrender of Japan. The troops were landed at this harbor on the southeastern coast of Honshu for the occupation of Japan’s inland cities of Kobe and Osaka.

– – –

Mrs. Jake Sharp received a letter from her son, Corporal Esco C. Johnson, saying that he is with the Fifth U. S. Marine Occupation Forces, now stationed in Japan, and that he expects to be there for several months yet. Corporal Johnson enlisted in the Marines nearly four years ago; he is with Headquarters Company doing office work.

– – –

Private Dennie Galford is home from the army with an honorable discharge. He was in service 42 months. He has reenlisted.

– – –

Dayton M. Burner, 23, gunner’s mate second class, USNR, of Frank, has been assigned to the crew of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, second of the Navy’s new super aircraft carriers. The 45,000-ton carrier, named for the late President Roosevelt, is the first major combatant vessel of the modern fleet ever to be named for an individual. Members of the ship’s crew took pre-commissioning training at the Atlantic Fleet’s Naval Training Station at Newport, R. I.

This editor calls attention to the Trustee’s Sale of the C. C. Clendenen house. This is one of the most desirable residences in Marlinton.

– – –

Miss June Viers and “Dot” Waugh spent the weekend in Charleston and attended the West Virginia – Virginia football game.

– – –

Forest Ray, of Glowmar, Kentucky, has returned home after spending a few days with his sister, Mrs. Oren Plyer, of Marlinton, and brother, J. W. Ray, of Seebert. It is the first time he had been back with home folks in 23 years.

– – –

Little Miss Bernice P. Walker celebrated her first birthday last Sunday with a party. A number of little folks attended.

– – –

Mrs. George Stewart is in New York with her daughter, Mattie, and her new grandson.

Plummer Cutlip is getting along fine teaching school.

Glen Underwood is home on a leave with his mother, Mrs. Duffie Underwood.

Merritt Kellison is working in Lewisburg as a carpenter.

Raymond Dean is home with an honorable discharge.

Romie Underwood is home with a discharge after three and a half years in service.

Sherman Underwood is home with a discharge after almost four years in service.

Mr. and Mrs. Renick Underwood and children visited Mrs. Duffie Underwood recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rucker visited Mrs. Rucker’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Underwood, last week. Mr. Rucker has an honorable discharge after 32 months of overseas’ service.

We are glad so many of our soldier boys are getting back with a discharge.

The following pupils in the Pocahontas county schools have qualified as “Top Notchers” during the first six week period of the present term:

Boggs Run – Cadden Brown, 4th grade; Clifford Brown, 5th; Mazie Lewis, 8th.

Brady – Dorothy Kelly 8th; Billy Phillips, 7th.

Brushy Flat – Everett Friel, 4th.

Buckeye – Patricia Landis, 4th; Alice Landis, 6th; Letcher Landis, 6th.

Burnside – Arberta Shields 6th; Dorothy Miller, 5th; Lorraine Jones, 6th; Eveline Rhodes, 5th; Hattie Brock, 5th.

Caesar Mountain – Johnson Seabolt, 6th; Eveline Rhodes, 5th; Hattie Brock, 5th.

Campbelltown – Jack Biggs, 4th; Phyllis Schumaker, 4th; Dale Armstrong, 6th; Janet Morrison, 6th.

Cass Graded – Barbara Blackhurst, 4th; Jessie Elza, 4th; Marlene Cassell, 4th; Gary Mcpherson, 4th; Bobby Dill, 5th; Ray Lewis Sage, 5th; Mary Dare Doyle, 6th; Helen Jackson, 6th; Helen Jackson, 6th; Tommy Shinaberry, 6th; Richard Byrd, 7th; Kenneth Cassell, 7th; Ruth Bennett, 7th; Margaret Jo Plyler, 7th; Donald McLaughlin, 7th; Virginia Shepherd, 7th; Lawson Cassell, 8th; Teddie Cassell, 8th; Dale McLaughlin, 8th; Juanita Dahmer, 8th; Evelyn Hertig, 8th; Virginia Snyder, 8th.

Clover Lick – Wilma Hamrick, 4th; Robert Shields, 4th; Lucia Cary Gardner, 6th; Betty Constance Lowe, 7th.

Cummings Creek – Thelma Alderman, 4th; Letcher Pyles, 4th; Arlo Alderman, 6th.

Draft – Curtis McKenney, 7th; Norma Sue McKenney, 6th.

Dunmore – Patricia Ann Hall, 4th; George Pritchard, 4th; John Hevener, 7th; Betty Jo Pritchard, 7th; Billy Brock, 8th.

Durbin – Reese Hughes, 4th; Franklin Nelson, 4th; Leonard Beverage, 4th; Charles Sheets, 4th; Bobby Vance, 4th; George Moore, 4th; Shirley Peck, 4th; Margaret Vint, 4th;

Phyllis Jo Greathouse, 4th; Phyllis Myers, 4th; Connie Wilfong, 4th; Gladys Turner, 4th; June Hughes, 4th; Elbert Whanger,4 th; Joy Patton, 4th; Charles Bryant, 5th; Jack Gragg, 5th; James Hanlon, 5th; Sonny Ryder, 5th; Eugene Teter, 5th; Erma Carlson, 5th; Ellen Gragg, 5th; Thelma Hoover 5th; Bruce Bosley, 6th; Charles Rexrode, 6th; Harold Wilfong, 6th; Dixie Beard, 6th; Yvonne Gilmore, 6th; Anna M. Moore 6th; Martha Nelson, 6th; Florence Nottingham, 6th; Juanita Mick, 7th; Patsy Sue Elbon, 7th; Elanie Peck, 7th; Gloria Dean Eye, 8th; Ella Freeman, 8th, Betty Slaven 8th; Edna Moyers, 8th; Kitty Spencer, 8th; George Plyer 8th; Charles Cromer, 8th.

To be continued…

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