Seventy-Five Years Ago

Thursday, June 14, 1945


Mr. and Mrs. Milton D. Vaughan, of Hillsboro, have received word from the War Department that their son, Private First Class Henry Vaughan, had been killed in action on April 2, 1945, while serving at Cebu, in the Philippines.

Our Army and Navy Boys

Lieutenant Norman Phillips, after long service in Italy, has arrived in the States. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Phillips, of Stony Bottom, and a brother of Mrs. Paul Gladwell, of Marlinton.

– – –

In a letter to his mother, Mrs. Elihu Moore, of Huntersville, written on May 21, from somewhere in Germany, 1st Lieutenant Robert K. Moore tells of his promotion to Captain.

Captain Moore hopes to get a furlough home before being sent to the Pacific.

– – –

John Jordan, son of J. A. Jordan, has been promoted to sergeant. He is serving in Germany.

– – –

Staff Sergeant Leslie Gehauf, of the Air Corps, a mechanic, who has been stationed in England for the past two years will be at home soon on a 30-day furlough.

Big Freeze

Wednesday morning, June 6, a freeze came to much of Pocahontas County. The temperature ranged from 22 to 34 degrees. Potatoes and garden stuff generally suffered great loss and damage. In some frosty places it may be the wheat was hurt. Corn now looks like it will over put the damage.

Take my word for it, tomato seed planted now will give fruit the last of August and the first of September.


The other morning there was a great commotion among the sheep of the Clowser farm on Spruce Flat. Looking to see what was exciting the sheep, a chunk of a cub bear was seen making his way toward the woods. Looking farther, there was a fresh bear track in a muddy place as big as a small pie plate.

Too many cub bears are wandering the forests this spring. The game protector over at Valley Head picked up a cub in the woods in April. It is now at the game farm in Upshur County.

– – –

A couple of weeks ago, trucks took 130 head of ewes and their lambs through this town. A Virginia farmer had bought the entire flock of a Big Spring farmer, who had sold out to save the sheep from bears. A big old bear broke loose on the sheep pretty early this spring, and got about a hundred dollars’ worth. This bear would take a 150-pound ewe and pack it across a fence as if it were nothing. Finally, the farmer got a pack of bear dogs gathered up, and a hunt was organized. Instead of one big bear there were two working on the flock… That was just one bear too many, and the farmer sold out his flock to the first man to make him a reasonable offer. So, Pocahontas County is short a deck load of good lambs come shipping time, and a Virginia county is ahead that much. In a business way, these lambs, in about ninety days, would have sold for about a thousand dollars gross which now will largely go to waste.


Announcement is made of the marriage of Mrs. Elizabeth C. Beard and Mr. H. Harper Beard, of Beard. The marriage occurred Saturday, June 9, in Lewisburg…

Mr. and Mrs. Beard will reside at “Riverview Farm” at Beard.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold D. Buzzard, of Mountain Grove, Virginia, a son named Melvin Ray Buzzard.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Copenhaver, of Marlinton, a son, named Jerry Wayne Copenhaver.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Beverage, of Buckeye, a daughter, named Maxine Faye Beverage.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hamrick, of Clover Lick, a son, named Albert Roscoe Hamrick.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Rider, of Marlinton, a son, named William Curtis Rider.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Higgins, of Marlinton, a son, named John Robert Higgins.


Mrs. Anna Doyle Stulting, widow of the late C. J. Stulting, of Hillsboro, died at her home in Charlottesville June 11, 1945.
On Thursday morning, her body was laid to rest in Oak Grove Cemetery at Hillsboro.

– – –

Squire James A. Kirkpatrick died Tuesday morning, June 12, 1945, at his home in Cass, aged about seventy-eight years.

As this paper is printed, no arrangements have been announced for the funeral of this good man and prominent citizen.

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