Seventy-Five Years Ago

Thursday, June 7, 1945


Here is the list of those who gave their lives in service in World War II, as prepared by Pocahontas Post, American Legion, and read at the service at Mountain View Cemetery on Memorial Day.

Roll Call of Honored Dead from Pocahontas County as reported to May 15th, 1945:

Miss Decima McLaughlin, Huntersville.
Thomas Smith, Marlinton
John Alderman, Hunters-ville
Gay Fertig, Huntersville
George Shiffler, Marlinton
Rupert Gibson, Marlinton – Elk
Carl D. Brock, Hillsboro
Basil C. Sharp, Marlinton
Henry Vaughn, Hillsboro
Harlan Dean, Droop
John J. Dunn, Watoga
Owen K. Gillispie, Arbovale
Andy Hefner, Marlinton
Clarence Cloonan, Marlinton
Loris Henry Duncan, Marlinton
Don C. Roman, Marlinton
Cecil G. VanReenan, Marlinton
William M. Jeffries, Marlinton
Harold Leland Reed, Marlinton
Ralph J. Griffin, Marlinton
Frank E. Burris, Marlinton
Letcher King, Cass
Garland Moore, Cass
Huffman Summerfield, Cass
Marshall Shinaberry, Cass
Hubert Mathews, Cass
James H. McNeill, Buckeye
George W. Ray, Clover Lick
Woodrow McLaughlin, Huntersville
Burley Hively, Huntersville
Leonard Edwards, Huntersville
Edgar McCombs, Hun-tersville
Eugene Meeks, Stony Bottom
Emil Grogg, Green Bank
Paul Friel, Green Bank
Edward Keith Hudson, Green Bank
Samuel B. Hannah, Green Bank
Everett Curry, Durbin
Fred Spencer, Bartow
Clyde J. Williamson, Seebert
Raymond R. Mullenax, Durbin
William D. Watts, Durbin
Letcher McCarty, Frost
Walter R. Haptonstall, Cass
Dale Edgar Wilfong, Bartow
Floyd McLaughlin, Cass
Samuel Gay, Marlinton
Eddie Baker, Marlinton
Elmer Buzzard, Huntersville
George Cameron Burns, Clover Lick

Our Army and Navy Boys

Mrs. Ruth Gilmore Elliott has received word from her husband, Ralph Elliott, that he had been liberated from a German prison camp in Czechoslovakia on May 9th, and is now at Camp Lucky Strike in France waiting for arrangements to be made for his return home.

– – –

Return Mail – George Vaughan, stock preparation supervisor at Goodyear Plant 1, was a private in World War I in France in 1918, when he sent a postcard to his kid brother, Glen, in West Virginia. The card read simply: “The war is won.”

This month Vaughan got the same card back again. Nothing had been changed except the date. Brother Glen, a lieutenant, took it along with him to France and re-mailed it over there after V-E Day – Akron, Beacon Journal.

George and Glen Vaughan are brothers of J. Herbert Vaughan, of Marlinton.

– – –

Sgt. and Mrs. Houston Simmons and daughter, Agnes, are home this week from Newport News.


Arden G. Killingsworth and Miss Leta Beard were married on Saturday afternoon, June 2, 1945, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Clutter, near Hillsboro, by Rev. J. K. Fleming, officiating minister. The bride is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lee Beard. She is a domestic science teacher in the high schools of Pocahontas County. The groom is a leading business man of the county, engaged in contracting, building and farming.

– – –


Mrs. Abbie McPaters, of Marlinton, has announced the marriage of her daughter, Miss Eleanor May McPaters, to P.F.C. Albert Broyles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Broyles, also of Marlinton.

Mrs. Broyles was a student at Marlinton High School and her husband is at home on a 60-day furlough after being a prisoner of war for six months.

Much happiness and a prosperous life is intended the young couple by their many friends.

Henry Given King, aged 66 years, died early Sunday morning, June 3, 1945, at Marlinton.  On Monday afternoon the body was laid to rest in the family plot in Mountain View Cemetery… The deceased was a native of Greenbrier County, the son of the late Allan W. King. For nearly twenty years he had been a resident of Marlinton. He enjoyed the confidence and respect of all people as an honest, upright, industrious, intelligent citizen…

– – –

Harry McLaughlin, of Maxwelton, aged 78 years, died at Ronceverte, Tuesday night, May 29, 1945, after a long illness. He was a farmer and at various times was in the mercantile business in this section… Funeral service was held at the Clifton church, burial was in the adjacent cemetery. The deceased was a son of the late John C. McLaughlin, of Huntersville.

– – –

As this paper goes to press the news comes of the death of Mrs. Annie Carter Warwick, widow of the late Otis Warwick, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Dewey Mullens, at Dunbar.  On Thursday her body will be laid to rest in the family plot in Mountain View Cemetery, the service being conducted from the Marlinton Methodist church.

– – –

Robert Ryder, aged 29 years, died on Monday, June 4, 1945, after a short illness. The deceased had been discharged from service a month ago.

– – –

Guy J. Tallman, aged 56 years, died at his home in Cass on Sunday, June 3, 1945. He is survived by his wife and two sons, Clyde, at Marlinton, and Graham, overseas.

– – –

Mrs. Ruby Ruth Gum, aged 70 years, died May 18, 1945 at the home of her son, Dale Gum, at Bartow… Her body was laid to rest in the family plot in the Arbovale Cemetery.

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