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Seventy-Five Years Ago

Thursday, May 4, 1944

Our Army and Navy Boys

Word has been received by Clyde Beverage that his brother, P.F.C. Wilbur Beverage was wounded in action in New Guinea sometime ago, but is now in combat again. He has been overseas two years.

Captain Meade L. Waugh, of Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, spent five days’ leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harlow Waugh, and other relatives the past week.

Major Zed Smith, III, who has made such a record as a flyer in the South Pacific War Area, has arrived in California. He is on his way home.

– – –

Mrs. James Taylor, of Washington, D. C. sends in the following notes:

Highest honor goes to our dear mother, Mrs. Margaret A. Beverage, of Huntersville, who proudly hangs a flag in her window, which displays six blue stars, which represent a son, four sons-in-law, and a grandson, who are proudly serving their country:

Her son, Pvt. Walker L. Beverage, of the U. S. Army is now stationed at Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania.

Her grandson, Pvt. Kenneth Beverage, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Beverage, is now stationed somewhere in the South Pacific.

Chief Boatswain Mate Olen Edwin Fitzgerald, who was recently home on a month’s leave after serving sixteen months in the Aleutian Islands, is now stationed at Camp Parks, California. His wife is the former Miss Helen Beverage.

Sgt. James H. Taylor, of Washington, D. C. has been stationed somewhere in Australia for the past six months. His wife is the former Miss Mildred Beverage.

Harry W. Bussard, who was recently inducted into the Navy, is spending a brief period with relatives before reporting for training. His wife is the former Miss Marguerite Beverage.

We trust that all our prayers will be answered, that this dreadful war will soon cease and that Victory may be ours, and a safe and speedy return home of our loved ones.


For our Boys,
Wounded and Dead…

We parents have a stake in this war – paid with the blood and lives of our sons. We have a right to speak – and a duty to do so. If our boys were here, they would cry out to the conscience of the people of West Virginia.

Our sons fought – and many died – that Democracy might live. When Tojo attacked Pearl Harbor, and Hitler and Mussolini joined in the war upon us, we determined to destroy this unholy alliance and its menace to the peace of the world. That’s why American boys are fighting …and dying.

When war came upon us, our nation was tragically unprepared. Why?

Because some so-called “Statesmen” in Congress and Senate bitterly fought every effort to arm and prepare ourselves!

These men told us we would never be attacked.

These men tried to block every reasonable defense measure.

These men smeared and denounced our potential allies.

These men created disunity at home.

These men – living in a fool’s paradise, short-sighted, failing to understand the forces that sought to destroy our country – these men played directly into the hands of the Axis.

And to our everlasting shame, there were even those among them who cooperated actively – if unwittingly – with the Nazi propaganda machine in this county…

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I take this opportunity of writing in the behalf of my candidacy for the nomination for the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pocahontas County. I realize that it is unusual for a candidate for office to be outside the continental limits of the country during the entire period of the campaign; however, these are unusual times and are creating circumstances which are not of the ordinary.

It is unusual for a person to leave an office which had been bestowed upon him by the good people of a great county, but when I gave up the office in June 1942, I had hoped to return before the remaining two and a half years of my term expired and I believed then as I believe now that my place is here contributing a small part in a great cause.

I know there are many others who are doing so much more and who are making a vastly greater contribution, and you who are at home are just as patriotic and are doing your part equally as well, therefore I do not propose to solicit your support on the grounds that I am privileged to be a member of our armed forces.

I appeal to you on my record as Clerk of the Circuit Court, and if you believe that record justifies my nomination and re-election I trust that you will go to the polls on May 9th and vote accordingly.

If I am nominated and elected I shall administer the office to the best of my ability.

Your friend and servant,
Corporal Grady K. Moore
A. P. O. 845

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