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Seven Questions with…

Amber Rexrode, senior gift shop specialist at the Green Bank
Observatory Science Center

1. Were you born in Pocahontas County?

Yes. My family has lived in Pocahontas County for many generations. We have five generations living in Pocahontas County. It is very much home.

2. What is your favorite thing about living in Pocahontas County?

Location, location, location. Pocahontas County is our own piece of paradise. We have the joy of living in an area where your neighbors are also your best friends. We are close enough to visit larger cities for a day trip, but are also far enough away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy our solitude.

3. If you were asked to take first-time visitors on a tour of Pocahontas County, where is the first place you would take them and why?

The Green Bank Observatory is a not-so-hidden gem we have in Pocahontas County. Many of our visitors coming from the north will see the GBT on their way down 28/92 and have no idea what they are seeing. One of my favorite things is to see the expression on their faces when they enter the science center and see the telescope for the first time from the window.

4. What do you hope visitors take with them after they visit Pocahontas County?

A sense of being welcome to return. I love talking with visitors, learning what brought them into the county and the adventures they experienced during their visit. My hope is they will tell others about the wonderful experiences they had while visiting and also plan a return visit.

5. If you could work anywhere else in Pocahontas County, where would it be and why?

I really enjoy working at the Green Bank Observatory. We have more than 50,000 visitors each year and with my position in the Galaxy Gift Shop, that allows me to speak with many of those visitors first-hand and tell them, not only about The Green Bank Observatory, but also the many other wonderful attractions, such as the Cass and Durbin railroads, Watoga State Park and Gaudineer Scenic Area.

6. What is your favorite place to visit in Pocahontas County and why?

Camp Allegheny, located on the old Staunton Parkersburg Turnpike, is a favorite for me and my family. We live near this location and nothing is more relaxing than taking a leisurely ride on the peaceful mountain road, enjoying the beauty all around you. Upon reaching the top, the view is incredible. We take a picnic lunch and enjoy the day, walking and exploring the area.

7. Which season do you enjoy the most in Pocahontas County?

Spring is my favorite season. After a long, cold winter, I love seeing new life emerge. When the coltsfoot begin to bloom along the roadside, I know spring has arrived.

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