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September 30 ~ West Virginia Biscuit Bake Off

The fifth Annual Hudson Cream Flour West Virginia Biscuit Bake- Off will be held during the Autumn Harvest Festival Saturday, September 30, in Marlinton.

Bakers from around the region will compete for the blue ribbon and for the 2017 bragging rights to the best biscuits in West Virginia.

“This year we are switching up the categories with the aim of getting more new bakers while also highlighting the supreme baking skills of past winners,” event coordinator Cara Rose said.

“The traditional biscuit category will offer a Master Baker category for past winners, adult Premier Baker category and a youth category which will be judged by an esteemed panel. The sweet and savory category will be the People’s Choice component of the bake-off.

“We are delighted to continue our sponsorship relationship with Hudson Cream Flour.”

Hudson Cream Flour, located in Hudson, Kansas, and a popular flour brand in West Virginia, is the official sponsor for the fifth Annual West Virginia Biscuit Bake- Off.

“I am a devoted Hudson Cream Flour user, as are many local bakers, and entries must include Hudson Cream Flour in their recipe.” Rose continued, “We encourage early registration and would love for folks entering to include, with their registration, a photo of them baking with Hudson Cream Flour at home.

“Entrants can email the photo and registration to crose@pocahontascoun, and they may be featured in promotions.”

The event will be held in the Pocahontas County Opera House this year. For registration information and official bake-off rules, stop by the Convention and Visitors Bureau office on Main Street in Marlinton; call 304-799-4636; email or visit the Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce at

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