Preserving Pocahontas

Lee Moore House in Mill Point – circa 1945

Lee Moore and his wife, Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Hicks Moore, built this house on a hilltop in Mill Point in 1907. The building supplies were purchased at C. J. Richardson Hardware and the plastering was done by Mr. Boyd Bartlett. Mr. Moore was the son of Rev. James Elliott Moore and Lou Emma Harper Moore, of Edray. The house still sits near Seneca Trail and is lived in to this day. Photo Courtesy of Charlotta Riley, ID: PHP002365

Access the “Preserving Pocahontas” Digital Library at or If you have photographs or documents to be scanned for the county Historical Archive contact Preservation Officer B. J. Gudmundsson at 304-799-3989 or email Prints of photographs from the archives are available.

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