Preserving Pocahontas

McElwee Building – Marlinton 1987

This building, known as the McElwee Store Building, was located at 208 Eighth Street in Marlinton, (present site of Nationwide Insurance) until it was torn down in 1988. Because of its local historic significance, including architectural elements, it was entered into the Historic American Buildings Survey database which is maintained by the National Park Service. The descriptive data describes the building as follows:

“The date that this building was erected is somewhat vague. From the land books we know that it was a residence in 1909 for Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Kincaid and sold in that year to S. B. Yeager. From 1919-1930, Mr. Odie Johnson operated a restaurant in the building. May’s Restaurant operated after that for a short period of time. Mrs. Annabelle McElwee moved into the upstairs apartment shortly thereafter as her son was born there in 1938. For approximately five years, Mrs. McElwee operated McQueen’s Store, a general merchandise business for a Spurgeon McQueen, of Lewisburg. In 1940, Mrs. McElwee’s parents, the Wooddells, obtained title to the property and Mrs. McElwee operated a store for approximately 25 years. She then rented the building to the Southern Baptist Church for a period of time. The building was also used as a jewelry store by Mrs. McElwee’s brothers. At the time of the (1985) flood, Mr. Tom Taylor was operating a produce store in the building, but did not reopen after the flood. Mrs. McElwee continued to live upstairs throughout the changes.” Courtesy of HABS, National Park Service, Pres. Poca. ID: PHP003945

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