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Preserving Pocahontas

Marlinton in Bloom – circa 1908

What a difference a century can make! This is one of my favorite photos of Marlinton, taken from the hill on the Seneca Trail side of the Greenbrier River. The town is in full foliage and many landmarks stand out. Among them are the covered wooden bridge, the old hospital on the left, the Marlin Sewell Hotel, the steeple marking the Presbyterian Church in the center, the grade school and courthouse at top right. This is one of few photos showing the buildings at that time on the 800 block of Camden (Second) Avenue. The small white building on the right is the back of The Pocahontas Times, built in 1901. The two-story structure at the far right appears to be the building where the Flower Shoppe was located for many years. If so, it is still standing and currently being renovated. Many may remember Mrs. Kirby living upstairs. The buildings on the opposite side of that street are no longer there. Notice that the Opera House had not been built when the photo was taken. Pocahontas Co. Historical Society Collection, ID: PHS000107

Access the “Preserving Pocahontas” Digital Library at or If you have historical records or photographs to be scanned for the county Historical Archive contact Preservation Officer B. J. Gudmundsson at 304-799-3989 or email Prints of photographs are available.

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