Preserving Pocahontas

Masonic Funeral Procession – date unknown

This rare photograph takes us to an unknown hillside in Pocahontas County where a group of Masons are processing to perform the burial ritual for a deceased brother. If you look closely you may be able to see their white gloves and aprons. Pocahontas Co. Historical Society Collection, ID: PHS003095

The picture brings to mind the beautiful poem written by West Virginia poet Muriel Miller Dressler and published by Morris Harvey College in 1973.

I am Appalachia. In my veins
Runs fierce mountain pride; the hill-fed streams Of passion; and, stranger, you don’t know me!
You’ve analyzed my every move – you still Go away shaking your head. I remain
Enigmatic. How can you find rapport with me – You, who never stood in the bowels of hell,
Never felt a mountain shake and open its jaws To partake of human sacrifice?
You, who never stood on a high mountain, Watching the sun unwind its spiral rays;
Who never searched the glens for wild flowers, Never picked mayapples or black walnuts; never ran
Wildly through the woods in pure delight, Nor dangled your feet in a lazy creek?
You, who never danced to wild sweet notes, Outpouring of nimble-fingered fiddlers;
Who never just “sat a spell,” on a porch, Chewing and whittling; or hearing in pastime
The deep-throated bay of chasing hounds And hunters shouting with joy, “he’s treed!”
You, who never once carried a coffin To a family plot high up on a ridge
Because mountain folk know it’s best to lie Where breezes from the hills whisper, “you’re home”;
You, who never saw from the valley that graves on a hill Bring easement of pain to those below?
I tell you, stranger, hill folk know What life is all about; they don’t need pills
To tranquilize the sorrow and joy of living. I am Appalachia; and, stranger,
Though you’ve studied me, you still don’t know.

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