Preserving Pocahontas

C&O Depot at Beard

View at Beard, looking to the north, showing the unusual two-story depot, water tank and coaling platform.

The Beard Depot, an agency station and telegraph office with call BA. was located at Milepost 38.48 on the Greenbrier Division of C&O Railroad. It was on the west side of the track and just south of the present day road crossing. The second story of the depot served as a residence for the agent and his family. The agency/telegraph office closed in September 1928 and the building was removed in April 1937. Other facilities at Beard included a water tank, coaling platform, stock pens, section foreman’s house, section tool house, and, for some reason, four bunk houses.

One of the original stations on the Greenbrier Division, Beard was removed from the list of freight stations in February 1974. Courtesy of Pocahontas County Historical Society, ID PHS002100

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