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Huntersville Tradition Days is going on this weekend and Preserving Pocahontas will be there on Saturday with the Word War II Photo Exhibit. Eleven new group photos of inductees at the courthouse have been added this year and we’re still making progress at identifying these servicemen.

The exhibit will be located under the big tent on the grounds of the Huntersville School. If you have photos of WWII Veterans that you wish to have scanned, please bring them along. Looking forward to seeing you at the fair!

A few people called with names and information on photographs that we’ve had in The Pocahontas Times over the last two weeks.

Carolyn Burns, of Marlinton, identified the photo of the Marlinton Methodist Church Choir (PHP000621). The occasion was an Easter Program in 1944. The Organist and Choir Director was Lavina Johnson.

Standing in front with candles, l-r: Jean Oxendale, Eileen Waugh. Standing next to the tomb, l-r: Carolyn Barlow, Marolyn Barlow.

Choir: first row, l-r: Evelyn Curry, Carolyn Thomas, Wanda Clark, Sue Harper, Ann Yeager, Peggy Madison and Martha Haddock.

Second row, l-r: Jo Cameron Callison, Thelma Jo Gum, Elizabeth Johnson, Dotty Spitzer, Nancy Atkison and Dot Waugh.

Third row, l-r: Annabell Curry, Bessie Lee Patterson, Pearl Curtis, Betty Jo Kramer, Lois Brill, Betty Ammons, Junie Viers and Madeline Waugh.

Leonard “Roose” McCutcheon called from North Carolina with information about the Hunting Party (PHP001251). He says that the picture was taken at Dilley’s Mill in either 1940 or 1941. Roose is the young man in the white shirt standing behind the poles.

Kneeling in front of Roose under the poles is Gary Woods, of Dunmore.

The gentleman with the bow tie standing second from the left on the back row to the left of the poles is Mr. D. C. Harper, of Seneca Rocks.

Three people are identified to the right of the poles. Standing on the back row: second from left is Dr. E. C. Bennett, of Richwood. The shorter gentleman to his right is Dr. Luster C. McCutcheon (Roose’s father), of Green Bank. On the front row, second from left, the young man kneeling with the rifle is Roose’s brother, Robert “Bob” McCutcheon, of Green Bank.

We have so many unidentified photographs in all of our collections and it is wonderful when folks call in and provide places, names and dates so that we can update the permanent record. Now that we have more info on the Hunting Party I expect that people will call with more names. Sometimes it just takes one to jumpstart our memory!

Our thanks to Carolyn Burns for loaning a collection of photos and old postcards to be scanned for the archives. During our visit we talked a bit about what we’re to do with all of these things that we’ve accumulated over the years. We often find that our children and grandchildren don’t cherish the old photos and memories like we do.


Preserving Pocahontas provides resources and options for families seeking to preserve their photographs and family records. We also accept albums and scrapbooks that people just don’t know what to do with. So please feel free to call. I’m sure that we can help.


Speaking of help, we are currently raising money for computer upgrades and new hard drives for storing and protecting the digital archives. Funds are also needed for supplies necessary for creating the many photo exhibits that are provided to groups and events in our communities.


Please consider making your donation before the end of the year. And do let us know if you need a receipt for tax purposes.


Your contribution can be earmarked for preserving a specific collection, including your own. Please call B.J. at 304-799-3989 for more information.


Preserving Pocahontas is a private, nonprofit organization, exempt under section 501c(3) of the IRS code. As such, gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


To learn more about our organization, search the archives or make a tax-deductible contribution through PayPal, visit our website at Contributions may also be mailed to Preserving Pocahontas, 1200 2nd Ave, Marlinton WV 24954.

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