PMH urges public to call ahead to schedule COVID-19 testing

Pocahontas Memorial Hospitals officials strongly urge residents, who suspect they may have Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has symptoms, to call before visiting their local health facility. 

PMH offers COVID-19 testing Monday through Friday, but asks those who need a test to call the special hotline at 304-799-7400 ext. 1105 to schedule a time. 

COVID-19 testing will be performed in an exterior trailer to minimize risk to patients and staff. 

PMH also reverted to its more strict Visitation Policy last week. This policy restricts all visitors to the hospital, unless a patient is at the end of life, pediatric or needs fulltime assistance. 

PMH appreciates the community’s patience as they navigate this difficult situation and strive to keep patients, staff and the community safe. 

The administration urges the community to remain vigilant with social practices and hygiene. Stay home if possible and practice social distancing to stop or slow the spread of contagious illnesses, such as COVID-19. Avoid shaking hands, avoid large crowds and gatherings, limit your holiday socializing, and keep a six-foot distance between you and others – and wear a mask.

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