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Take Charge of your health
Pocahontas Memorial Hospital’s 2015 Health Fairs will soon begin.
These Health Fairs have been an important part of the community’s healthcare for more than 25 years. As a result of the Health Fairs throughout the years, dozens of critical health conditions have been uncovered, such as anemia and low blood cell counts, thyroid issues, leu-kemia, diabetes, high lipids, bleeding disorders and pro-state cancers.
The Executive I screening covers practically every organ in the body and includes testing for cardiac, liver, cholesterol, hematology, thyroid function and electrolytes. This screening would typically cost more than $450, but during the Health Fairs PMH will offer it for just $25. If men include a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), the total cost is $30. Other tests are also available including an A1C for an additional $14 and a bone density test for an additional $10. All test are offered at discounted rates.
Results from the blood screenings are mailed to your home in about a week and, upon request, will also be provided to your regular healthcare provider.
“This is a great way for people to take the initiative for their own health,” said Terry Wagner, Chief Operating Officer at PMH and a director for the Health Fair.
The Annual Health Fair at Pocahontas Memorial Hospital will be held on Friday, May 8. Public Health Fairs will be held throughout the county beginning on April 30. A full schedule is printed in this newspaper and is also available on our website at

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