Library Lines

The following have generously donated to McClintic, Green Bank, Hillsboro or PCFL in general during 2014 and 2015. We owe them many, many thanks. Donations earmarked for the Durbin and Linwood libraries will be listed in a future Library Lines.
Harry and Brenda Aldridge (in memory of Jimmy and Linda Lou Sheets), Margaret Baker, Terry Barb (in memory of Osa McLaughlin), Barbara Beard (in memory of Osa McLaughlin), W. Sherman Beard (in memory of Mary Alice Beard), Richard and Julia Bird, John and Karen Bowers, Raymond and Sallie Briggs (in memory of Roland Sharp), Peggy Brill, Mike and Mary Sue Burns, Herman and Louise Butcher.
Tommy and Barbara Campbell (in memory of Osa McLaughlin), Jack and Carol Casey (in memory of Anna M. Boothe), Opal Chamelin, Jack and Judith Clark, Pearl Clarkson, Dorothy Coleman, Lloyd and Jane Coleman, Michael Corley, Donald and Nancy Craig (in memory of Osa McLaughlin), Cranberry Piecemakers, Ray and Luann Creager, Fred and Marguerite Crews, Mary Jarvis Currence (in memory of David Mason and Louise Christensen).
David Curry, Betty Cutlip (in memory of Richard Cutlip), James and Gunda Davis (in memory of Roberta Miller Smith, Lee White, and David Mason), Durbin Lions Club, Edray CEOs, Sarah and Dick Emery, Missy Ervine, Doro-thy Fendt (in memory of Virginia Shinaberry), Thomas and Dorothy Fraker, Fred and JoAnn Fromhart, Charlotte Galford (in memory of Neal Cassell), Doug Galford (in memory of Jackie Galford), Frank and Janet Ghigo, Elizabeth Gay (in memory of Bill Gay and Helen Winter).
Linda Gibb (in memory of Jim Gibb and in honor of Rev. Betty Shields), Leslie Jones Goodall (in honor of all the nice librarians), Judith Gray, Mary-Linda Hampton (in memory of Frances Anne Deputy), Linda Hawkins (in memory of Bernice Taylor), Sue Ann Heatherly, Deborah Hoeper (in memory of Mary Catherine Jenkins and Willie Burner), Rosalie Holder (in memory of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Hill), David Holmes (in memory of Rebecca Holmes). David B Horne, Homer Hunt-er, Sue Hunter (in honor of the Meck Family), Gail Hyer, Cynthia Jamison (in memory of James and Rita Wooddell), Gay Johanson (in memory of Ethan Griffith), Virginia Kavage (in memory of Phil Kerr-GBHS Class of 1957).
Larry and Sharon Kearns, Kenneth and Michelle Kellermann (in memory of Henny and David Kellermann), Kimberly Kellison, Robert C. Kellison, Gibbs Kinderman, Carolyn and Daniel Knight (in honor of the World’s Best Library Guys), Glen Lang-ston, Beverly Ligon (in memory of Osa McLaughlin), Robert and JoAnn Lister, Beth Little, Jay and Elizabeth Lockman, Jean and David Lovelace, Ed and Jonelle Lowe, Marlinton Woman’s Club, William G. Martin, Pam McCurdy (in honor of Osa McLaughlin).
Bruce and Freda McKean, Doris McLaughlin, Quincy and Peggy McMillion, Mar-tha Meadows, (in memory of Mary Ann Eader) MHS Class of 1964 (in memory of Gib Sage), Minnehaha Springs CEOs, Edward Monk, Garland and Jean Moore, Jack O. Moore (in memory of Mary Dare Moore), Nancy Mosley (in memory of Osa McLaughlin).
Mary Jean Moss, Martha Mullett, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, National Wild Turkey Federation, New Hope Lutheran Church, Patricia Nottingham, James M. Nottingham, Pendleton Community Bank, Carolyn Phillips (in honor of Amy, Jody, and Karen), Pioneer Days Association, Pocahontas Center, Pocahontas County Drama Workshop, Pocahontas Nature Club, Walter Ralston (in honor of GBHS Class of 1946), John and Sharon Rockefeller, Theodor Schu-chat, Ray and Sue Schultz, Connie Sharp (in memory of Goldie Burgess), Ernie and Barbara Shaw (in memory of Osa McLaughlin), Charles and Carolyn Sheets, Priscilla Sheets (in memory of Dr. S. Allan Ruckman), Michael and Christine Smith (in memory of Osa McLaughlin), Kristie Smith (in memory of Osa McLaughlin), Nancy and Robert Steele (in memory of Bill Gay).
Marietta Stemple, Swago CEOs, Ron Swanberg, Veronica Swink, Patricia Hefner Tallman, Mary A. Turley (in honor of my School Days-GBHS Class of 1950), Truda Underwood, Vietnam Veterans of America, Eugene Ward, Donald and Connie Waybright, Naomi Wenger Waybright (in memory of Maudie Wenger and George Waybright), Karen Weadon, Leroy and Jenny Webb, Harry J. Widney, Brenda Williams, Kyle Williams, Wilfred L Wooddell (in honor of the Wooddells of Pocahontas County), Helen Woolridge, LyAnn Zelinsky (in memory of Osa McLaughlin), Steve and Connie Zeitler, Carter Zerbe (in memory of Fanny Carter Zerbe).

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