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Outpatient Infusion Services celebrates its fourth year

Four years ago, Pocahontas Memorial Hospital’s Nursing Department unveiled its new Outpatient Infusion Service.

Susanne Rimm, of Arbovale, was the center’s very first patient and was thrilled to be able to receive her critical IV therapies here at PMH, instead of having to travel out of county.

Over the years, many patients have utilized and loved PMH’s outpatient infusion services. Patients appreciate that this service is not only offered closer to home, but also for the ease of making appointments. Previously, patients would have to schedule treatments through a larger hospital’s Day Surgery Unit. Even with an appointment, if the unit got busy with emergencies or surgeries, a patient might be kept waiting hours to receive therapy.

“At PMH, we try to eliminate the wait time by making the process as easy as possible for the patient so they can obtain the services they need to get back to doing the things they love while staying close to home,” Deeds said.

Outpatient infusion services require the assistance of a nurse working under the direct order of the patient’s prescribing physician. Until this service was available, community residents had no choice but to travel to larger facilities in Greenbrier and Randolph counties with some traveling as far as Clarksburg to obtain such treatments.

All that is required to schedule an appointment at PMH is an order from the patient’s prescribing doctor for the needed outpatient service. This can be presented by the patient themselves or faxed to the hospital’s registration agent.

Some of the services available include: IV therapies such as antibiotic, IV fluids, iron therapies, blood infusions, port flushes, allergy injections, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections, routine medication injections and dressing changes.

In addition to the Outpatient Infusion Service, Wound Care Management services are also available with Dr. Jeffry Pilney, MD.

Scheduling for any of these services can be done by contacting Pocahontas Memorial Hospital directly at 304-799-7400.

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