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PMH Lab welcomes “Big Boy”

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory celebrated Tuesday, April 5, as its new chemistry analyzer officially went “live,” bringing 12 new tests in-house. This new addition, affectionately named “Big Boy,” is a Vitros 5600 analyzer and takes up about 52 square feet and weighs more than 2,300 pounds.
“Big Boy” is an automated chemistry analyzer. Chemistry analyzers perform tests on blood, serum, urine or other body fluids to determine concentrations of certain metabolites, electrolytes, proteins or drugs. This helps diagnose and treat numerous diseases like diabetes, cancer, STDs, hepatitis, kidney conditions and thyroid problems.
“Big Boy” utilizes a technology known as dry slide technology. A sample is placed on a postage-stamp sized piece of film. This film is made up of five thin chemical layers which interact with the sample and allow it to be measured by the system. The dry slide technology improves accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.
Same day test results were already available for many tests, but according to Laboratory Technician Michael Stewart the new analyzer will allow for 12 more tests to be conducted in house, allowing for quicker test results. New tests that will be available are Microalbumin, PSA, Vitamin D, Triiodothyionine (T3), B12, Ferritin, Lactate, CRP, Folate, Total T3, iPTH and Prolactin.
Lab Manager Kathy Irvine hopes to be able to offer Vitamin D testing as an additional test during the PMH Health Fairs this spring.
The Lab hosted a Mexican Fiesta for PMH employees, patients and visitors to celebrate. The new analyzer is just one more way PMH is demonstrating its commitment to providing high quality healthcare and results to the residents of and visitors to Pocahontas County.
Anyone, with a doctor’s order, can have lab tests done at PMH. Our staff and phlebotomists are eager to help improve your access to quality tests.
The lab is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
If you have any questions about the lab, please call 304-799-7400.

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