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One Room University honors Beulah Moore

A painting of Beulah Dahmer Moore hangs in the lobby of City National Bank to honor the former bank CEO and Executive Vice President.

Mary Elaine Diller
Contributing Writer

“May this facility stand as a beacon to the future and serve the needs of this community and county for years to come.”

So reads, in part, the prayer for City Nationals Bank’s 1995 dedication to the memory of former CEO and Executive Vice President Beulah Dahmer Moore.

Visitors who find their way to the second floor of the Marlinton branch of CNB are amazed at the light-filled lobbies and classroom, and the beautiful design that flows from room to room. That design came from Mrs. Moore, and I have learned a lot about her since planning meetings for the One Room University first took place in 2010.

Brett Withers shared his memories from when he first applied for a job at the bank, soon after graduating from college in 1986.

Mrs. Moore not only interviewed the young man, but recognized his achievement in earning a degree, by offering him a good starting salary.

“She was a great lady and a great boss,” Brett said. “As CEO, she was one of the main people who pushed to get this new building finished and had the final say on most of the decisions on the design of the building and the interior.”

Although Mrs. Moore developed cancer during the time of the building and renovation process, she was able to enter the new building in a wheelchair to see the finished work.

Soon thereafter, she passed away.

“It was like that was what she was holding on for – to see the completion of the building,” Brett concluded.

Mrs. Moore’s vision has reached beyond the physical space of the bank.

Graduates from Pocahontas County High School have been awarded the Beulah Moore Memorial Scholarship to further their education in business or finance.

We are aware of two of those students who used their scholarships to attend college at New River CTC through the ORU in Marlinton.

One recent graduate went on to earn her A. S. degree in Business through online and IVN courses offered there.

Since we first started filling the second floor of this facility with college students of all ages, I have read the dedication prayer several times for inspiration.

I hope that Beulah Moore would approve how her vision for the community is being carried out.

“Let us always be faithful to the dreams that are in our minds and help us each day to be that which you have called us to be, in this place and at this time,”

December 15, 1995 – ­ Prayer of Dedication

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