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New Durbin mayor and council meet

Jason Bauserman
Contributing Writer

Mayor Mike Vance called an early special Durbin Town Council meeting for July 2. 

Vance swore in council members and himself at the same time.

Council members are Donald Peck, Don Jennings, Mark Smith, Eugene Warner and Thelma M. Smith.

Shereen Bailey was sworn in as recorder. 

In the election canvass, Thelma Smith received one vote from a provisional ballot to break the tie with Candice Kay Lehman to take the fifth seat on council.

Vance asked for updates from different committees.

Electrician Dewey Hoover will replace the UV lights with LEDs at the lagoon.

Jennings announced that Dwayne Hannah from Hannah Engineering will hold a public meeting in Durbin about the new sewage system.  Region 4 will also be at the meeting.

No date has been sent.

Trista and Richie Bennett, co-sponsors of Durbin Days Heritage Festival, are tying up loose ends for the upcoming festival which will be held July18 – 20.

Vance announced that temporary town worker Fuzz Vickers has quit.

Vance contacted town employee Tommy Greathouse via conference call. Great-house said he could be back to work July 11.

In public comment period, John Osborne read a personal letter to the council.  In a wrap-up sentence he said, “If you sit on council, you have to get along.”

The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 11, at 6:30 or 7 p.m.

Please check the agenda.

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