National Alliance chairman arrested at Mill Point

William White Williams, II, 68, of Mountain City, Tennessee, was arrested December 16 at National Alliance headquarters in Mill Point on a charge of battery, a misdemeanor.
The warrant for his arrest stated that probable cause had been found that Williams committed the offense in Pocahontas County September 30, 2015.
The Criminal Complaint states that Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Deputy B. L. Kelly, along with Sheriff [David] Jonese, spoke with Garland E. DeCourcy about the incident December 2, 2015, and recorded the following information:
“Ms. DeCourcy stated that she worked for the National Alliance, located in Mill Point and worked for William White Williams, II.  Ms. DeCourcy stated that on September 30, 2015, she entered her office at Mill Point and Williams met her. Ms. DeCourcy stated that Mr. Williams lunged toward her and began choking her, and that Mr. Williams’ force knocked her into the corner of the room, away from the door.” 
According to DeCourcy, Michael Oljaca, who also worked for the National Alliance was present during the incident and pried Williams’ hands from her neck and pushed him away.
Oljaca stated that he was standing outside the doorway to DeCourcy’s office and saw Williams get up from his chair and lunge toward DeCourcy while making a motion with his left hand to “smack her.” Oljaca stated that Williams began choking DeCourcy with his right hand. Oljaca said he pulled Williams off of De Courcy and had to physically restrain him to prevent him from doing further damage.
A warrant for Williams’ arrest was issued December 16, and he was picked up that day.
Williams appeared in Magistrate Carrie Wilfong’s court where he pleaded not guilty to the battery charge, and a cash bond was set at $1,000. He was remanded to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail that day, and was released on bond December 17, under the following terms: “To have no direct or indirect physical or verbal contact by email, social media, phone, text or by any third party by methods listed, with Garland DeCourcy and Michael Oljaca…”
No hearing date has been set for this matter.
A January 7, 2014 article on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch website identifies Williams as one of two former senior National Alliance members who “announced their intentions to bring what was once America’s most influential hate group back to its glory days by relaunching it in another state under their own leadership.”
That relaunching plan was to utilize a barn on Williams’ remote property in Mountain City, Tennessee.
It was noted that Williams is a retired Army Special Forces Operator.

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