Mosesso visits PCHS Animal Science class

Luci Mosesso and her son, Victor, visited the Animal Science class to talk with students about the the advantages of Katahdin sheep. E. Berry photo

Erwin Berry
Contributing Writer
Luci Mosesso, a farmer in Pocahontas County, raises a hair breed of sheep called Katahdin.  She spoke to the Animal Science class at Pocahontas County High School about Katahdin sheep, a breed crossed with wool breeds which originated in Maine. 

They have many advantages for farmers including the fact that they don’t have to be shorn. 

With the declining value of wool and the fact that many farmers have no market for wool, raising sheep that you don’t have to shear saves time and money for livestock farmers.

Another advantage of Katahdin sheep is that they are genetically bred to resist worm problems which affect production costs. 

Katahdin have no lanolin in their hair and this helps to eliminate the strong taste that lamb meat often has.

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