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Mayor’s Corner

Marlinton Mayor Sam Felton
This is Clean-up Week in Marlinton, and I hope to see cleanup continue throughout the entire summer. Please be advised: The Town has its own messes, and we are working on them. Every now and again we all have to do a little extra to make a difference.
As I came to work this morning the employees at C. J. Richardson’s were doing just that. They are accustomed to going the extra mile every day. Before the real work starts, they can be found out in front of their landmark hardware and furniture store, sweeping and cleaning parking places and sidewalk. It’s been their custom over the years. They are an example to each of us in “doing that little extra” and seeing what a difference it makes.
Both Main Street insurance offices are doing their part to Make Marlinton Shine. Nationwide has placed flower planters at the front of its new facility. The State Farm office has installed new signage to its storefront along with an eye-catching red canopy – beautiful. When we see these investments in our town, it should inspire us all to do more.
This leads me to include information that can assist property owners.
Marlinton adopted Chapter 6, 7, AND 8 of Title 7, Health and Sanitation Ordinance as the Town’s ordinance concerning certain structures. As some property owners buy, build or get ready to demolish, please call the Town Office at 304-799-4315 or stop by the front window for information with regard to permits or requirements. Linda or Star can help you.
Also, I wanted to make you aware of “Dangerous or Unhealthy Structures” as contained in West Virginia Code 8-12-16. Included was the 2009 State Building Code of the State of West Virginia as the Town’s official Building Code. This ordinance was adopted by the Town of Marlinton on February 6, 2012. Now that Marlinton has employed a Town Judge, we will be better enabled to pursue certain violations.
Section 7-6-04 in summary: No person or corporation shall construct, convert, demolish or maintain any building or residence in violation of the provisions of the Town of Marlinton ordinances or Building Codes. Violations may constitute a public nuisance. Properties identified as an “Unsafe Building or Structure” means any dwelling or other building unfit for human habitation due to dilapidation, defects increasing and hazard of fire, accidents or other calamities, or sanitary facilities or any other conditions prevailing in any dwelling or building, whether used for human habitation or not, which would cause such building to be unsafe, unsanitary, dangerous or detrimental to the public welfare.
Copies of these Ordinances are available upon request.

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