Mayor’s Corner

At the regular council meeting, March 6, 1916 an ordinance was read and approved granting Minnehaha Springs Improvement Company rights and authority to construct, maintain, and operate a system of water works in The Town of Marlinton. Said ordinance was enacted and ordained by Mayor and Council. The minutes read; “That in consideration of considerations, all pipes are to be covered with earth and firmly tamped. Water rates would be based on the number of rooms in the dwelling place and number of persons in the rooms.” Water Taps would cost ten dollars. Minimum bill would be $15.00 annual and no lower than $12.00 annual. Note; (not sure how this was to work!) One of the invoices allowed and ordered paid was to The Pocahontas Times for printing, $8.00. Ordinance was three and a half hand-written pages.
Also, a special meeting was held that same month (3/14/1916) to discuss allowing a gasoline tank to be placed underground.
The lesson in these minutes remind us that we must keep thinking forward. The future of our communities are being created today.
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