Mayor’s Corner

As flood recovery continues in our neighboring counties, I want to encourage everyone in our area – If you sustained losses during the June 23 flooding event, you have to document those losses with FEMA before you will be considered for reimbursement. Their representative will visit your property and will determine if you qualify for any reimbursement. The easiest way for you to do this is to go to the Disaster Recovery Center. The (DRC) is set up at McClintic Library in Marlinton.
Also, it has been brought to my attention that families can apply at DHHR, for a one time, one week supply of groceries.
You may have read in last week’s edition of The Pocahontas Times that Marlinton Town Council chose to proceed with a Special Deer Hunt to be implemented within the corporate limits. Councilmen Norris Long and Adam Irvine will evaluate special deer management program options and public input prior to implementation of the Archery Only deer hunt program. Planning will follow all requirements, keeping safety in mind each step of the way. This is a work in progress.
The MTC authorization of Invoice #12 advances Preliminary Design of Water System Improvements. Council members and water plant technicians, along with Region IV representatives will hold a meeting with the engineer to go over design issues and ideas.
FYI: The Town always has grass to mow and trash to be picked up. Access to Day Report persons ordered to community service and/or volunteers willing to donate their time and energy will continue to be used by the Town of Marlinton, as available.
In closing, the Town has experienced minor cases of destruction of property in recent weeks. If or when it is your property, it usually doesn’t seem so minor.
The Golden Rule applies here.
If you expect your neighbor to keep a watchful eye on your property – then, you should be willing to have the same consideration for his property and well being.
Report acts of vandalism to the proper authorities as it occurs. Allowing these needless acts to continue will soon put each neighborhood in jeopardy.
Peace be to each of you.

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