Mayor’s Corner

First item of business, is to say Thank You to the residents of 13th Avenue for their patience while being connected to a new sewer line on that block. I want the residents to know, that literally with the first section to the last section of line removed, problems were found and corrected that would have soon caused other’s problems. We apologize for the current mess. It may not look like it yet, but I count the whole project a success. We will be back in about two weeks to re-groom lawns and cement cuts made across driveways. Note: Also, for Ninth Avenue residents, (at the same time) we will cement the cut made in December in front of Carol and Eddie’s.
#2. For further information, two new part time seasonal workers have been hired for grass mowing and trimming. The plan is to cut and trim all of the commercial business district first and move out into other high traffic areas or spaces that are regularly used. Note: Because of this work and tree removal taking place at the cemetery, I was trying to make room at the Stillwell Park burn area for this reason, but was unable to make it happen without a Burn Permit.
#3. The Amended Fire Fee Ordinance, for in-town residents only, passed its first reading Monday night. Fire fees will go out with the water bills as usual. The new ordinance may not be finalized before September. However, please remember the amount you pay between July and the Final Approval Date will be applied to the new annual fee and a balance would be due thereafter.
#4. REMINDER: the 2016 Pioneer Days food and vendor locations will be the same as last year. Individuals wanting to volunteer for this year or next year can visit Linda Adams or one of the staff at the Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau office on the corner of Eighth Street and Third Avenue. They will direct you to the proper Pioneer Days Board of Directors. You can help make your idea for the festival a reality.
Last, but certainly not least: Memorial Day is very important to everyone at the Town Office, as it should be to all. We are blessed to have Kenneth Faulknier taking the lead this year. He has gathered a team and is making sure we have flags on the graves of all military service men and women. We want Mountain View Cemetery to look its best this weekend. I am sorry to say, we are not there yet, but we expect it to be ready by the weekend. We still need to attend to the area around the entrance sign (hint-hint). The recent wet weather, a stretch of sick employees, removal of downed trees, and other issues have made the task difficult. Know that we are working hard to exceed expectations.
I am humbled to add: God Bless our Veterans, past and present. My prayers and thoughts are with each of you. Also, this weekend, our prayers should include all those families whose loved ones did not come home.

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