Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

This week is about the good, the bad, the ugly.

The Good was one more reason for Thanksgiving, last week. The Town office received a call from Charleston, late in the day, on November 15. We were notified that Governor Jim Justice was going to hold a Press Conference on Monday, November 19, at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine Conference Center. The purpose was to discuss Land and Water Foundation Grants and Recycling Assistance Grants.

This grant had a matching funds component. It was what we had been hoping for to begin construction of Discovery Junction.
It was the first grant announced at the press conference. The Marlinton project, known as Discovery Junction would receive the matching funds grant.

Committee members Joe Smith, Roger Trusler, Cindy Sandeno, Kristin Beverage and Luci Mosesso were present for the presentation.

Governor Justice expressed a liking for the name Discovery Junction and added that this was exactly the type of unique project that adds value to communities and will serve the growing tourism industry in West Virginia, going forward.

Also, it needs to be noted that Luci Mosesso has served as the grant writer for this project and has done an excellent job.
The Bad has to do with a straight pipe found in place of a water meter and is considered theft of utility services. The Rights and Responsibilities of the Customer(s) and the Utilities are plainly spelled out in Public Service Commission Rules and Regulations. Customers can, and will be, held accountable for any damage or misuse of the utilities’ property. The meter and the pit are the utilities’ property and customers are not allowed in the meter box. If the customer’s meter should be damaged or tampered with, the guilty party could be charged under State Code 61-3-44: Procuring gas, water or electricity, by device, with intent to defraud; and State Code 61-3-45: Tampering with pipes, tubes, wires or electrical conductors.
Together, the utility and customers must co-operate to achieve the best quality of water and water service, which is expected by all. A good utility must apply a fair standard to all. This is an educational and public relations lessons that can benefit every customer.

The Ugly was the result of a call about a mess at the dumpster behind the Family Resource Network and Community Care Building. Someone had brought their deer guts in a trash bag, from out-of-town, to be thrown in the dumpster – a dumpster that someone else is paying for – and they were dumped in the alley. Apparently, the trash bag burst when it came off the tailgate and deer guts, plus other various parts were left lying in the alley.

But on a brighter note, and in the spirit of the season, an Open House will be held Friday, December 7 at the Town Office.

The Christmas Parade will be held that evening at 7 p.m. 

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