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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner


Certain items should not be placed in trash dumpsters.

You can help by not putting sharp metals or heavy metals of any kind, in trash or dumpsters, that will be put into the trash compactor. If you want such items picked up, or do not have the means to dispose of them yourself, call the Marlinton Town Office at 304-799-4315 for special pickup. Items may be placed to the side of dumpster.

Last week, the town had an issue that happens more often than you might think. It resulted in three large holes in the body of the compactor. This creates cause for double-trouble. As if the hole by itself is not trouble enough, it creates another problem. Dumpsters hold rainwater. Trash bags contain soupy mixtures of household goo.

The formula is: household garbage + rain water = greasy liquids. If the hole happens to not be in plain sight, a greasy wet trail is left from one stop to the other. If the hole and a leak are immediately detected, then, there are two options: drain out on the spot or head for the shop. In either case, someone will soon be calling and complaining about the mess “the town is making.”

Sunday evening, a trail walker reported seeing a truck go into Stillwell Park and stop at the closed gate, at the lagoons. The vehicle was an older Toyota pickup with a flatbed box on back. The truck is painted primer black, 4×4, loud exhaust, big tires. The driver unloaded a pallet with plastic attached and carried it into the brush pile. A second trip was made carrying a brown tarp, with stuff that looked like building materials.

Again, the town needs your help to keep the area open as a convenience for our citizens. Continued episodes like this will eventually lead to closing the area for good. Report these incidents when you see them happening. Get a description. Remember, if you are caught, you will be fined for illegal dumping.

In other business:

I hate to cut a tree. But when trees are present, they do have to be trimmed on occasion. You may have noticed that the town has been trimming trees in various locations. This will soon come to a close before winter weather sets in.

Our town is in the middle of an evolution. This is changing how we do things. I believe part of this evolution is fueled by young minds and ideas about what the next generation wants Marlinton to look like in the future.

For sure, Broadband will play a significant part. You can help improve broadband access in your community by taking the WV Broadband Enhancement Council’s internet speed test at: 

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