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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Regardless of your personal political persuasion, all agree on the presence of dysfunction within our federal representation. Hard decisions are ignored while politicians jockey for position. Most would say our states are doing much of the same. So, I was amazed at an article I read last week. According to a recent poll, local government has a favorable view, in excess of 80 percent.

Consequently, Marlinton Town Council’s October vote to support the state’s Home Rule Program, as a permanent program, exhibits the very attitude that helps municipalities operate on the proverbial shoestring. Always doing more with less and finding ways to provide the most efficient and expeditious delivery of services. Whatever it takes to get the job done, even when it’s not as fast as we would like.

To clarify, the Town has not adopted Home Rule. But, we support innovative ways to empower representatives of the local citizenry and give local government the tools to make local decisions.

Some of you have asked, “What else is going on in town?”

It is difficult to provide details of daily activities. However, I can share an alphabetical rundown of projects and programs that are either gaining traction or currently in progress, and nearing completion:

Annual GRT Marathon, from Cass to Stillwell, organized by Kellyn Cassell. Support race and whistle start.

Bicentennial Committee – FYI: Marlinton is older than Pocahontas County, Pocahontas County is older than the state.

Broadband – contact and communications

Dilapidated properties

Discovery Junction

Edray Industrial Park – contact and communications

Greenbrier Valley Economic Development – contact and communications

Hardwood Alliance Zone – contact and communications

IMBA Snowshoe/Highlands Ride Center – Support

Main Street – stay tuned/good things in progress

Overlook – in Planning Stage

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital – contact and communications

Police – contact and communications, follow-up

Property use – potential Community Playground, other

Region 4 – contact and communications

School – contact and communications

Sewer Treatment Plant works/compliance/follow-up

Signage from the east – also branding project fits here

Town Logo and Branding Project

USFS Partnership – Monongahela National Forest Towns Branding program, Connecting Trails

Water plant and tanks improvements

Wetlands Project gaining support

Wood products – I continue to skype with a wood products business in Slovenia. My last Region 4 Meeting was attended via ZOOM-Video. If you wondered what could be going on in our sleepy little town – some days, it surprises me, too. 

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