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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Two weekends ago, a dog was killed on Second Avenue.

The second pet-on-pet killing in a year.

A couple of days later, a pet was killed in its own yard on Eighth Street, when a neighbor’s dog got loose.  Something has to be done about vicious dogs running loose.

A few weeks ago, a dog attack on the Greenbrier River Trail resulted in serious injuries to a young and healthy male individual. It could have easily been a fatality for a weaker or older person.

Obviously, if an owner wants to house dangerous animals, the owner needs to be prepared to take responsibility for that animal.

More than a decade ago, my insurance company served me notice, with a list of animals that were not allowed on insured properties.

On a brighter note:

This is National 4-H week, October 7 – 13. The Town of Marlinton put up 4-H flags on Main Street to commemorate the occasion.

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