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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

NOTICE: An employee was stuck with a needle Tuesday morning while picking up trash. Everyone should know. DO NOT place these needles in regular trash bags. Call your doctor or pharmacy. They can provide or put you in contact with an appropriate provider for Red Plastic Disposal. They need to be enclosed in a sealed container.

I heard it reported that this September was the wettest since 1937. But, all the wet streets in Marlinton in September were not a result of the rain.

I want to take the opportunity to say “Thank you to the U. S. Pipeline Company” for sending its crews and equipment to town last week to clean the streets in the business district. The Street Washer/Cleaner was a brand new machine. Marlinton was fortunate to see this machine first used on our streets. In addition, four or five smaller trucks with a crew of at least a dozen men worked behind the washer, shoveling out the corners and picking up trash. Together, they accomplished in about four hours, what would have taken the town several days.

Thanks again to Superintendent Jason West and his men for the work completed on behalf of our community.

Last week, in The Mayor’s Corner, I encouraged every public business and certainly, every hospitality business in our county to think about investing one hour of training for each employee who may come in contact with the traveling public.

But I forgot the most important part. The service training is FREE through the Convention and Visitors Bureau. It is encouraged, how ever, that employers pay the employee for the time spent in class – usually an hour or so. This training will help your employees provide your customers with a better experience. The visitor who pops in for directions one time, can become a repeat customer in the future, based upon your employee’s help with directions or local information. Your employee plus one hour of hospitality training is an investment in the future success of your business.

What’s in it for the employee?

Answer: the opportunity to make the connection between boss, service provider and the necessary ingredient for the success of both – a satisfied customer, who keeps coming back.

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