Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

The good news this week is that Marlinton and Pocahontas County dodged another bullet and were spared the flooding that we anticipated for an entire week.

Construction at the water-plant was suspended last Thursday, as Dunn Engineering and Orders Construction removed office trailers, tools and equipment, in preparation for the storm that never came.

Instead, our thoughts and prayers are with those in the Carolinas and elsewhere, that were not so fortunate. On a positive note, the fence at the twin cemetery hill water tanks has been extended, for construction there. The tear-down of the out of service tank will begin around the first of October.

The Town has trimmed trees on Lake Street in the past month and hopes to do more before the end of September. Weather permitting, further site excavation at the Discovery Junction lot will take place in October. The Marlinton Planning Commission is nearing completion of the town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Application for a Variance of Marlinton Town Ordinance 7-404-5 16(b) may now be obtained at the town office. Adherence to certain rules and regulations are a part of the application process. This ordinance had to do with prohibiting recreational vehicles being placed within town for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days per quarter year.

The application shall go before council for consideration of approval based upon rules and/or regulations with regard to such variances.

More good news:

On September 20, Mike Rider will have been employed with The Town of Marlinton for 25 years.

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