Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Conference calls continued after the Bid Opening for the Water Improvement Project. Negotiations continue with focus on keeping as much of the bid under-run as possible. The results of a meeting in Charleston last week remain in the Town’s favor.

Other issues have dealt with high water and water-leaks, trash clean-up and obtaining information for replacing the trash truck.

WVDOH District Engineer James Rossi visited last week to discuss paving specific portions of Third and Fourth avenues, including sewer repair site at the corner of Second Avenue and Fifth Street. Fourth Avenue will require some research by the DOH right-of-way department. This must be completed to determine exact boundaries and calculate a final cost. This work will be completed by the end of May. Mr. Rossi can submit information to the contractor in June for a completion of paving in the “July time frame.”

Coordination is underway with Marlinton Depot owners and tenants to finish their portion of a water line and acceptance of downspouts before parking area paving is completed. We want to see the entire area paved at the same time. Planning for pothole repairs on Ninth Avenue should be done at the same time. Upcoming water-plant work will prevent the entire street from being paved at this time.

Barking dog complaints have become more frequent. Pet owners need to understand Town Ordinance allows for a maximum of three domestic pets per residence. If two cats are inside – only one dog is allowed. If two dogs – only one cat.

I spoke with Louise Barnisky in mid-April regarding street planters. She and other members of the Woman’s Club are planning to tend the flowers on Main Street again this summer. The new street hanging planters should be ready to put up after the last frost.

The Vacant Lot Committee met to discuss promotions and decided on the name “Discovery Junction” for purposes of the funding phase. The fundraising kick-off took place the weekend of the Great Greenbrier River Race.

I attended a Forest Service Recreation Economy meeting April 10 at the Marlinton Wellness Center.

The Town has reviewed applications and set up interviews for a maintenance department employee and a water plant operator. A second round of ads for part-time certified law enforcement officer received zero responses.

The Town has renewed its contract for annual fire alarm system test and building inspection with SecuriTech, LLC.
The Marlinton Planning Commission is nearing completion of the comprehensive plan.

I took part in Children’s Memorial Flag Day April 20 on the courthouse lawn. It is sobering to hear statistics about the youth in our county who have been victims of domestic and/or sexual abuse, which is increasing the number of children in foster care.

These are the problems we used to hear about in other places.

Lord, help us to do better as a community.

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