Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Two reminders

1. For the Community Shuttle Service, call 304-799-6337 and press “1” to schedule a pickup. This service is available every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for residents within the town limits, in Riverside and Campbelltown. If you need a ride to the grocery store, pharmacies or banks, this service is for you.

2. During cold weather, the Town Code Enforcement Officer has been assigned the task of monitoring the conditions of domestic animals kept outdoors. Owners of animals should give their pets extra care during the colder weather. I don’t understand losing a pet to cold conditions last winter and treating a new pet the same way this winter. Pets deserve owners who take responsibility for their care.

Fire Fee explanation

The water bills that went out at the end of December caused some confusion. The second half of the municipal fire fee was added. The municipal residential annual fire fee was increased from $25 to $50 per year. The December bill was for the current period from 7/1/2016 to 6/30/2017. However, the ordinance was not completed in time to be changed on the July 2016 billing. So, the $25 fee went out as usual and was considered the first half. The $25 on the December billing covers the second half or until July 1, 2017. At that time, the $50 fee will go out for the remainder of 2017 through July 1, 2018. Also, if you are an individual who has voluntarily paid the fire fee in the past, you are in the system and received the same notification. The Town and Marlinton Fire Department hope you will continue to pay the additional $25 fire fee, as well. However, those outside of the Town of Marlinton are still paying on a voluntary basis.


(b) The following acts when committed or conditions when existing, within the Town of Marlinton are hereby defined and declared to be nuisances:

(2) All buildings, bridges or other structures of whatever character kept or maintained or which are per- mitted by any person owning or having control thereof to be kept or maintained in a condition unsafe, dangerous, unhealthy, injurious or annoying to the public.

(3) All trees and other appendages of or to realty kept or maintained or which are permitted by any person owning or having control thereof to be kept or maintained in a condition unsafe, dangerous, unhealthy, injurious or annoying to the public.

(4) All ponds or pools or stagnant water, and all foul or dirty water or liquid when discharged through any drain, pipe or spout or thrown into or upon any street, public place or lot to the injury or annoyance of public.

(6) All sidewalks, gutters or curbstones permitted to remain in an unsafe condition or out of repair; whether on the owner’s property or adjacent to the owner’s property and owned by the Town of Marlinton.

FEMA Ordinance Requirements

The Town has identified various storage buildings and LP gas tanks that are unsecured. FEMA requirements specifically state both items must be anchored in an acceptable manner. If you are unsure of how to accomplish securement for your own safety or the safety of others, please call your LP gas supplier or the town office and ask our code enforcement for assistance.

For comparison, the Huttonsville Public Service District serves water customers in the area through Dailey, in Randolph County. Their minimum bill is $80.37 per month and does not include garbage.

My December bill was $80.37 for 30 gallons, so, I feel your pain.

But, Marlinton does not have the most expensive water in our area.

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